32 Closed: Best Cut

by Diana

33 Closed: your opinion on a hair salon

by kathyb

35 Closed: Why is my hair so confused?

by Cassie

36 Closed: Haircut and Layers

by stephie426

37 Closed: Hair Growth

by rajsmom06

38 Closed: Lunar Haircut Tomorrow

by sunshine

39 Closed: Blundt snip cut

by jenn

40 Closed: Lunar Calendar

by peterpeter

41 Closed: More than one haircut a month?

by stephie426

43 Closed: Question about shears

by JMS

44 Closed: afro hair and MM method

by okorolina40

45 Closed: Graduation Haircut

by jenny8

46 Closed: Lunar chart and time zones.....

by bunny2

47 Closed: Happy New Year Everyone!

by 7mj7

49 Closed: Winter Haircuts

by mbela48

50 Closed: shaving

by tgr8414

53 Closed: Hair breakage???

by sunshine

54 Closed: Tips on shaving my head?

by Joe

55 Closed: waxing or plucking, or threading eyebrows

by Twiggandberry

56 Closed: First time hair blunt snip cut

by tbonesrex

57 Closed: Why The Same Length?

by MacKey

59 Closed: Question about Kenneths Hair Salon

by IronGirl