61 Closed: About the Blunt Snip Cut

by tami1962

62 Closed: First time haircutter!

by Maya

63 Closed: Hair Cutting

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64 Closed: New Hair Growth

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65 Closed: Hair Cuts

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67 Closed: Getting a Trim

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68 Closed: Need a Good Haircut!

by sunshine

69 Closed: How many people here have faster hair growth?

by anothersideofme

70 Closed: Lunar Calendar

by jacseth

71 Closed: Lunar Haircut Chart question

by Coco

72 Closed: Hair Cut??

by renaissance man

73 Closed: Salon Shampoo

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74 Closed: Master Haircutter

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75 Closed: Hair length

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77 Closed: Hair Cut

by Debby

78 Closed: Lunar Haircutting Chart

by Debby

79 Closed: Hair Cut

by Debby

81 Closed: Haircutter in Nevada

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82 Closed: Kenneth's NYC Question

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83 Closed: Blunt Cuts???

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84 Closed: lunar haircuts

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85 Closed: short hair cut

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86 Closed: Lunar Chart

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87 Closed: Lunar Chart

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89 Closed: Hair Stylist Albany, NY area?

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90 Closed: Questions!

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