32 Closed: Thank You Anthony!

by sunshine

33 Closed: One Year Update

by sunshine

34 Closed: One Month Progress

by hengam

35 Closed: one year progress

by thegrandman

36 Closed: Empowering individuals

by Perry_Canada

37 Closed: My Experience @ Kenneth's Salon (NYC)

by pilateschick11

38 Closed: New MM website!

by LSalcedo

39 Closed: Wow!

by chickadee

40 Closed: Appreciation

by JMS

41 Closed: (New Customer)

by Debby

42 Closed: Mom's testimonial

by dixieland

43 Closed: My Amazing Post-Chemo Hair!

by laurrruth

45 Closed: Happy Birthday, Antonio!

by William

47 Closed: Faith and Gratitude

by hoolagirl

48 Closed: Thank you!

by FireyKat

49 Closed: Fabulous Gel!!

by Artista

50 Closed: Morrocco Method ~ Wow!

by Wenneveria

51 Closed: Wonderful Conditioners too!

by Artista

52 Closed: Converted

by lilu

53 Closed: I LOVE Fire, Sea, and Chi!!!!

by Artista