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Topic: How To Get Waves/Curls

i have super straight and flat hair, due to it being so fine and baby like (i'm hoping once new hair growth comes in then i'll have my normal hair back which is thicker). Anyway... if i ever wanted waves or curls in my hair then i had to use a curling iron, which isn't adviced nor good. Since starting MM products a couple of months ago i've stayed away from blow dryers, curling irons, straightening irons and anything not made by MM, no chemicals, preservatives or anything. Which also meant that waves and curls were out of the question... so i thought. But if you use Blood of Dragon styling gel when your hair is wet (i'm sure it doesn't need to be though), and then scrunch your hair then you get the most gorgeous feminine waves and curls. I'm sure this would work on anyone because it works on my ruler straight hair, and trust me is has a will of it's own. Just thought i'd share.

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I love the Blood of the Dragon gel as well.  On the other hand, it will do the opposite for someone with curly hair (well I'm not sure about super curly) because I have used it to smooth out my natural curly hair.  It is a WONDERFUL product.

By the way, Anthony, and forum members.  today I had lunch with one of my dear friends who I haven't seen in a couple of months.  She raved about how good my hair looked.  I was so excited because although I can tell it's getting better, the people who see me everyday haven't said much.  She wanted to know all about what I was doing, so I told her I had stopped all chemicals on my hair, including regular shampoos, styling gels, and hair color.  I told her about MM products and gave her the web site.  Hopefully, she will give the products a try herself. 

Thanks again for these wonderful products!

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It sounds like we have the same kind of hair...I have curly hair, some parts wavy and some parts extremely curly (not as tight of curls as the girl on MM ads on internet). I use the blood of dragon gel as well.  How do you use it on your curly hair?  I put it in after I spray and comb in the moisturizing conditioner and then put a small amount (maybe a dime size) in my hair.  I let that set for 15 minutes or so to let it soak in, then I use a wash cloth and scrunch my hair to get excess water out.  It seems to help.  If I put too much in, then it get really dry and too crunchy.  How do you use it on your hair?  I would love to hear from someone that has curly hair.  And do you brush your hair out as well?  I have been carefully.  I tend to get knots at the end of my hair. That is when I know I need to get it cut because it is unhealthy at the ends.  I have been using the product for 2 months and so far very pleased but still trying to get used to it because of the curlies. Thanks for any input.

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Hi Dixieland,
This is what I've been doingl  After I wash, towel-dry, and comb/brush my hair, I put a small amount of the gel in my hair and comb ir through with my fingers.  Then I actually use a comb to style it straight.  Of course, my hair is never completely straight, but is is very smooth.  Then I sleep on it, and in the morning, I fluff it with my fingers or with the comb.  I don't brush my hair out until the end of the day.  I have found that since using MM products, I can actually brush my hair now without it looking frizzy!  Yea!  I would suggest you stick with it, and things will continue to get better.  I have been using the products for a little over 3 months now.
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