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Hi again Anthony,

I know that blow dryers are damaging to the hair, but what about ones that blow cold air? Is it just hot/warm air that causes damage or is it constant air blowing at the hair damaging in some way? I ask becasue now that my hair is longer and I comb it over head after getting out of the shower, the hair takes couple of hours to fully dry on its own. Is there any kind of fan(maybe blow dryer that blows cold air?) that is safe to use without damaging the hair?

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first of all towel dry then get a second dry towel and towel dry again
then using the MM method of brushing bend over brush then stand up brush repeat 3 times.
Then if one needs to use any blow dryer on cool and blow dry ones hair.
this will help in the drying time.
YES hot air does damage the hair follicles and the scalp
by towel drying twice and then air brushing ones hair dry does help in keeping ones hair in Natural condition.

Like Spokes in a wheel every action to keep ones hair in good condition helps in Hair strengthening, growth and helps illiminate hair loss and thinning.

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Re: Regarding blow dryers

I have always heard to NEVER brush wet hair, but you are recommending to do so after shampooing. Why do you say to brush the hair wet? Just wondered what the benefits are.  Thx

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Not recommending to brush ones hair wet!

suggesting to first towel dry ones hair
then with a 2nd fresh towel - towel dry again

its called air drying
when the hair is damp simply bend over and brush then stand up and brush
do this 3 times to get the air to help dry ones hair.
this is in our instuctions
in our educational literature.

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Re: Regarding blow dryers

Forgive me for my ignorance on this one.  What is the theory on not brushing your hair when wet?  I started doing this a few months ago and noticed alot of shedding.  Is this why?  Please advice.  Anthony, I will be getting my hair cut in the next few weeks if I can find a hairdresser.  I wanted to get my hair cut dry because it is naturally curly and I am afraid that if I don't do it this way then they may cut it too much and I will end up with curls on top of my head.  Is this okay to do it this way?