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Dear Anthony,
i have been wondering why the euro oil is superior to other types of oil the someone might use on their hair, scalp or skin. is it because it is closer to our natural skin oils?  i used it on my cracked hands, because it is getting to be that time of year and it healed them up pretty good. 
for some reason i always like to know how and why things work.

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Dear Kathy

for thousands of years all tribs used natural oils on their skin, hair and scalp for conditioning and moisturizing

Our Euro Natural Oil is pretty simular to all of the tribal formulas globally

so use on hair and scalp, body, hands or face will heal most dry weathered skin to normal.

what can I say when MM makes a product it goes straight to Mother's Natures timeless formulas

Great Health and Beauty


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I use my company's liquid facial cleanser am in the shower and, at night, I love to apply Euro Oil to my face and neck with a cotton ball, then wash with MM Volcanic Clay soap. My skin has never looked better, and no break-outs, not even during my *moon* time nomicons/smile It balances Ph beautifully.

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Dear jms,
what is the name of the company you get your cleanser from?  right now i have some mary kay, but i think when i'm through with that i would like to try something more natural.

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Ciao kathyb!

I use products from Seasons & a Muse, Inc.

Blessings, Health & Happiness, JMS