Topic: How many men have experienced regrowth?

Its pretty clear that the shampoos and conditioners revitalize, but have any of you guys gotten a lot of your orginally lost hair back? Has your hairline come back after being receded? If so, how long did it take?

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Nice to have another man on the forum curious guy. I've been on all of the MM products for 8 months and I can honestly day that they are the best things I have tried for hairloss (and I have tried a lot!!). However I couldn't honestly day that I have noticed any regrowth but the shedding seems less and the hair grows longer. My hair is a lot less greasy and I think that is why I don't shed as much. It would be nice to hear from others and Anthony about regrowth. I appreciate that we can become hair blind as we constantly look in the mirror to see regrowth but the most powerful sign I think is when other people comment on your hair.

Best of luck

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Grandman, have you tried Thymuskin? I am 20 and the hairline has been receding for the last year. I'm still in good shape I guess, but I don't want it to get any worse. I refuse to do Rogaine or Propecia. Have been researching natural treatments and the three finalists are Morrocco Method, Thymuskin, and Hair Prime.

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CuriousGuy and Grandman,

I am also a guy, 29, and have just started using MM products this past October to combat a slow thinning and receding hairline I've been dealing with for most of my 20's.  I cannot honestly say that I have experienced any growth or restoration yet, but it is obviously too early to see much, and as Anthony has explained on this site, we are in the early stages of Winter now and I remain hopeful and expectant to see improvement in Spring.  I have never tried Thymuskin or Hair Prime; however, I have tried numerous "natural" products that are completely worthless, most recently a very pricey treatment system called Regenix that claimed to be herbal and natural but produced very limited, peach-fuzz results that disappeared directly after I stopped using it.  I will ask both of you fellow chaps this, especially you Grandman, what kind of diet do you eat?  From my own research I know that diet has a tremendous effect on health and wellness, and I now eat a nearly completely organic and healthy diet and I expect this, combined with MM, will lead to the road to wellness and healthy hair growth and full restoration.  I don't think it is too much to expect full restoration and a full head of healthy hair again with this approach, in fact I think we all have a God-given right to health and wellness, and to possess that optimum level of health in our bodies visible to all. 
I would really like to hear Anthony's response to CuriousGuy's question and also Grandman's results.

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I'm not a guy, but just to comment on your diet inquiry, i think i first read this in the book "Japanese women don't get Old or Fat". it's about the traditional diet in Japan.

Male pattern baldness was extemely rare in japan up until i think they said it was 50 years ago?  but it was some time in recent history, and it coincided with the introduction of western food products into the japanese diet.

it's definitely something to look in to, for guys and girls.


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Regrowth is how much homework we do.

I personally have a challenge with my hairline and crown area.
I do all the spokes in a wheel religiously and in the spring I see a big difference in my hair growth.
I cut my hair very short after the spring equinox around March 20th or do depending on the dates.
I new growth stays quite thick all summer and starts to thin in the fall and winter months and then in the spring its back to more new growth.
I have personally seen my hair get thicker thru out the years with alot less thinning and fall out.

And the best mirror is when others say "what are you doing to your hair it looks thicker and healthier"

I take pictures of my clients before and during when they start the MM Method.
and generally all will say after 6 months to a year I dont see any difference.
Then I take out the before pictures and during and they are quite amazed at how much new growth actually did occur.

so suggest taking pictures as you progess during the months of using MM.

Remember not to use any other products but MM as this will confuse the growth patterns and reconstruction of a new scalp and oil glands.

follow all the spokes in a wheel brushing, massaging, lunar haircutting dates, proper shampooing and a good diet exercise and A POSITIVE ATTITUDE.

Great Health and Happy Holidays


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I try to eat as healthy as possible. Try to stay away bread or any carbs in general with the exception of pasta. Mostly fruits, vegetables and meat. Although sometimes I will eat bread, pizza and unhealthy foods along those lines. One other bad thing is I'm 20 and a college student, so I do drink socially. Today I purchased the four shampoos, the Chi conditioner and the Dragon styling gel. I used to use Giovanni styling glue, as it was the most effective healthy hair product I could use to achieve the style I wished, but was informed that it still had a lot of bad stuff in it. What hair styling products do you guys use? Maybe we should all do before pics and closely track our progress. Grandman and KalofKrypton, specifically what improvements of any kind have you noticed in your hair since starting to use MM products? And where is the hair loss occurring? Front? Back? All the top? Receding hairline?

Anthony, since Winter is the stage for the hair to rest from growing, what signs of improvement should we keep an eye out for during the next couple months? And around when should we expect regrowth to occur in the Spring? March 20th? Is there a way you could post some of the before and after pics your customers showed you so we could get an idea of what to expect? Thanks for providing a great product.

Happy holidays to all you guys!

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I don't want to sound too negative, but I honestly have not noticed ANY improvement since I started MM in October but I also realize this is early in the process.  My hair loss is at the crown and hairline temples, but, the hair in those areas is very fine and peach fuzz, not completely bald.  I continue to shed excessively though.  As Anthony said on another post, these hairs would fall out anyway because they are not healthy.  CuriousGuy, I basically eat what you eat, very healthy the majority of the time, minus the pasta because I really don't do any carbs of that nature, but I do drink black coffee every day, no sugar or milk.  I eat mostly meat and vegetables and some fruit and nuts.  Christmastime is difficult to maintain strict discipline though, I have to pick my indulgences carefully. 

Let us all look forward to 2007 for full restoration, and receive the blessings of health.  I truly believe we can all be completely healthy again!

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KalofKrypton, do you brush a couple times daily? I've found this to be a big help. After just starting the method this past week, using the 4 shampoos, Chi conditioner, Dragon gel and more brushing, I can obviously not give you a fair assessment on where I stand, although I must say that the products and brushing have enabled me to style my hair much easier and comfortably. With hard work and dedication to the method, hopefully come March, we will both be in joy about a tremendous amount of regrowth.

Happy holidays!

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Yes I do brush 2-3 times daily, religiously, with the boar brush and also massage just as often with the MM massager.  One thing I am going to do differently though is when I first started in Oct, I only did one series of Zen Detox.  But since my hair is still quite oily, for the new year as soon as my order arrives, I'm going to do several weekly Zen Detox treatments until I stabilize with oiliness and shedding.  I hope for this to purify my scalp and follicles to prepare a fertile soil for extraordinary regrowth in the spring.  I align my faith with yours, CuriousGuy, I believe that with diligence and discipline, we both will experience abundant regrowth in the spring.  Happy New Year!