Topic: Clarity, please

I have been a customer of Gold Mine Natural Foods for many years and have never really paid much attention to your hair care products. I have (had) a gorgeous, thick and healthy head of auburn hair until moving to British Columbia last year. Since then, my hair has thinned, totally dried and split and has actually gotten shorter! There's almost no sheen at all. I thought it was just an age thing, but a friend of mine says it's from our water which is VERY hard...all our pots are laden with mineral deposits. It seems that over the past couple of months it's gotten much worse. I remembered reading briefly about your products in the Gold Mine catalogue and saw that they still carry them. I also visited your website moments ago. I'm a bit confused as to what I should purchase. I get that I should rotate the shampoos, but what about conditioners? Which one is best? Is there a particular "regimen" that you can advise. I currently use African Black Soap and a silica conditioner from the Flora company.

Re: Clarity, please

First of all get a good shower filter for your hair shampooing needs.
as for rotating our conditioners we have a travel and trial pack of 5 which I recommend using and alternating.
As for your hair getting shorter suggest you blunt snip cut the ends at least once per season.
Its splitting from the ends up.
Also use our Euro Natural Oil for dry hair it works wonders.
Great Journey and Health