Topic: Hair Iron

Hello Anthony,
Happy New Year!!  For Christmas 2 of my coworkers gave me a hair iron to straighten my naturally curly/frizzy hair.  I don't have a problem with my hair but they heard me mention this iron once over the summer and thought I needed it.  I never use any products in my hair, but yours (shampoo, conditioner, euro oil, diamond mist and volumizer mist).  Maybe they think I am too dull and need a makeover as I don't wear much makeup either.  Anyway, I am concerned that this hair iron will burn my hair and cause split ends.   However, I do like how my hair looks straight once in a while and sometimes I ask my hairdresser to blowdry it for me.  Is it very damaging to use this iron?  The product is 'Maxi Glide' by Maxius. 

Thank your for your advice!!!

Re: Hair Iron

Never recommend using any hair Iron ever.
they simply will burn the hair
hair is like leaves on a plant and need to be cared for and nurtured not burnt!

Suggest giving the iron back to your girl friends
what else can I say
its quite not Natural and very damaging

A Blessed New Year 2007 too YOU