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Is there a safe way to make your hair curly without perming, or using curling irons?  Or is there a perm that is gentle on your hair?

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First of all there is no such thing as a gentle nor natural PERM its all chemical
UNFORTUNATELY have seen alot of damage from all sorts of so called natural/gentle perms.


YES when one has their hair cut properly it will curl ones hair quite naturally in WAVES for straight hair and curly for natural wavy hair.
the formula is to get someone who understands and does BLUNT SNIP HAIRCUTTING!
suggest searching this forum under BLUNT SNIP HAIRCUTTING for many ?'s and ans on this one.

Sorry to say 99% of all hairdressers DO NOT KNOW HOW to give a artful haircut
there lies all the problems
and too many Chemicals too.

Great Education and viva la difference


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Hi Krista,

i don't know what kind of hair you have, but if you are like me & have straight hair, then it's still possible to get waves/soft curls without using anything but Anthony's products. i only use his shampoos, spray conditioners & then the hair gel. When my hair is slightly wet from the spray conditioner then i put in the hair gel. i gently scrunch in the hair gel so i get waves, then when it's half dry it stiffens a bit & then i scrunch the hair again (no hair gel this time), to tighten the curls. & when it's all dry then i use the scalp massager & voila a head full of waves & soft curls, & it looks natural, because it is! It looks & feels like i have 100% more hair this way. If i wear my hair straight it looks so sad & blah! My older brother was born with the most gorgeous natural blonde curls & he wears it so short you can't tell. As a child i would try to get my hair to curl like his while he was trying to brush out his curls :-)

i hope this works for you :-)

All the best,