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Topic: Rotating shampoos on face

Hi Anthony,

Thank you so much for giving me hope for restoring my hair.  I have begun to use your system and I am getting into the rhythm.  I have one question about my hair and 2 questions about my face: 

1. My hair is very dry, and I am wondering if I should eliminate the Earth Shampoo in my rotation cycle (Earth seems to be the most 'drying' based on the label)

2. I am drawn to using the Sea Essence shampoo as a face wash, and I am wondering if rotating the four shampoos on my face would have the same benefits as on the hair, or if it would be fine to just stick with the Sea Essence. 

3. Also, would there be any value to washing my face with the Sea Essence shampoo and then 'moisturizing' with the Chi Conditioner?? 

Thank you so very much.

Re: Rotating shampoos on face

1    leave the earth out of your rotation for 30 days
then bring it back into rotation but every other time until you scalp becomes normal
then normal rotation

2     alternate the Earth and Sea only for facial wash

Use the Diamond crystal mist on your face for moisturizing
its also a wonderful deodorant

Great Health

Re: Rotating shampoos on face

Dear Anthony,

I was really looking forward to your reply.  Thank you so much for your response.  Maya