Topic: Male hormones question

i would appreciate if women on this site with similar experience or Mr. Morrocco if he has an answer could help with this.
i just had my lab results and it seems that Testosterone is perfectly ok and free Testosterone is even better (the range is between 0.5-5 and i'm at
Cool. but the DHEAS is a bit higher than the maximum. those who have higher DHEAS often are PCOS cases or otherwise with various other symptums. i've got
none of those symptums whatsoever.

i was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this particular hormone and its effect on shedding and that what you did afterwards. my derm never
got back to me with an explanation of the results (perhaps thought they were ok or the higher level was not anything to be alarmed) and i had to go see a nurse practitioner, and of course, she, as nice as she is, doesn't know the details
of this.  the derm's first remark when examining me and ordering the blood work (at my own request) was that "female pattern baldness!"  my familial record, to the extent i know, however, does not confirm that in women (and even few men in my extended family lost hair later in life).  my thinning is on the crown (plus the sensativity  of the crown area) and i've become obsessed with this.  i've been on MM shampoos since March 20 and hoping for the best, but was wondering if anyone here might have some ideas --personal experience with a diagnosis of FPB in particular... etc.  any help would be appreciated.

Re: Male hormones question

Personally from all of my experience derms DO NOT UNDERSTAND HAIR NOR SCALP AT ALL!

suggest doing zen detox once per week for 3 weeks rest for 4 weeks then repeat again.

and do not do anything else for hair care except MM especially no chemical processes.

alot of brushing and scalp massaging

and again forward not backward with ones health.

great Hair