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Anyone have a good multi-vitamin or vitamin regimen they use?  I feel like I need a multi-vitamin, but I don't want synthetic vitamins with a lot of fillers and preservatives.  Anyone using vitamins/supplements they are really happy with (especially if they improve the hair)?


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Hi sunshine,
natures brand at naturalydirect .net has mainly organic or wildcrafted ingredients.  i think they are trying to go all organic. i've been taking thier whole food multi, and biotin.  they seem pretty good.

i was thinking of getting a bcomplex and niacin from them here soon.

hope that helps.

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Thanks Kathy!  I will definitely check it out. 

Take care,

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hi there,

i don't take any vitamins in pill form. but i do take a powder called Pure Synergy (organic) & another one called Raw Power Protein Superfood Blend (organic & i use the cocoa version). then i use Udo's Choice Oil Blend. every morning i mix it all together with some juice (any kind but citrus fruits) & pure water, shake & drink it. it taste pretty good, fresh, greeny & chocolate-y :-) i've found i've gained more energy & my stomach if functioning perfectly now. plus it fills you up for a couple of hours so it serves as my breakfast.

i get the two powders from

hope this was of help or interest :-)