Topic: some different questions?

Anthony in terms of using the euro oil every day, you said use a couple of drops and put on scalp, but I don't understand how this would work if you use the boars brush. I don't feel like all parts of my scalp are being covered without putting a lot of oil into the scalp. Can you let me know? I am especially wondering especially how a women with long hair would use the euro oil daily with long hair

Also how ould you rate jojoba oil up there among the oils?

Last question, this question has kind of been bothering me as of late. It deals with oils going rancid. Now if an oil is so fragile and just lifting the bottle top each time produces free radicals, are we not doing our body more harm than good? This deals with consuming oils like flax seed oil or other organic oils

Re: some different questions?

Euro Natural Oil
each day put a few drops into the palms of your hands rub and then massage over the top layers of ones hair
then brush three times.
this aides in the conditioning and moisturizing of ones hair
weekly massage liberally into the scalp and leave in all day and or overnight for optimum results.

JoJoba is but one oil among our numerous wild crafted oils in all of our conditioners.

and our oils are naturally preserved and produced during the lunar 13 moon cycle for optimum preservatiing and shelf life.

generally our shelf life with Euro oil is 3 years
our shelf life with the new elixirs is longer then 3 years.

Use in Good Health and enjoy the natural processes of Mother Nature.