Topic: Fine hair, some gray, waist length which MM products to use?

Hello everyone,
  I'm new here on the forum and have heard such great things about MM that I can't wait to try it.  I love that there's a forum as well.  I've used Cassia a couple of times but would like some products that add volume and vitality on a daily basis. What should I use? 
As I get older, I'm 54, I notice my hair is drier than ever, especially after working in the garden all summer.  But many products weigh it down and make it feel dirty or stringy.  I just want good healthy hair.  What's the best to use? The ends get stringy easily.  Thanks for your help!

Re: Fine hair, some gray, waist length which MM products to use?

FIRST OF ALL get your ends trimmed once per season this is essential for healthy hair and especially when one has long hair otherwise you will get alot of split ends.  This is perhpas why the ends get stringy and heavy etc etc.
As for products:
try our trial and travel shampoo and conditioner totes.
The ultimate results is to alternate the four shampoos and conditioners.
for Oily hair and scalp use the earth and pine shale.
for dry and damaged use the sea and apple cider vinegar.
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Please read our educational literature on our website especailly the one entitled

***UPDATE: Morrocco Method now has 5 shampoos and 6 conditioners.***

"Spokes in a Wheel"  Shampooing and Brushing will also benefit.
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