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Topic: Xanthan Gum & Irish Moss

Hi Anthony,

i've been coming across several places that states that Irish Moss & Xanthan Gum are not good for your health. Irish Moss might be a natural algae yet studies have found it to cause cancer. Maybe it's more harmfull when ingested yet why take the chance of rubbing it on one's skin or scalp? Poison Ivy is natural yet we won't rub that on our skin. i'm curious because you do use Irish Moss in all your shampoos :-)


And about Xanthan Gum... i've not heard good things about that either. As i understand Xanthan gum is synthetic according to the USDA National Organic Program definitions and regulations, and it is manufactured in large factories using an industrial process that utilizes isopropyl alcohol (petrochemical) to precipitate the gummy residue prior to milling.

why not use locust bean gum, guar gum, acacia gum or clay minerals?


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One more thing i forgot to ask :-) ...

Howcome Morrocco Method products do not carry the USDA Organic seal?

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Hi MacKey,

The http://www.cancerprev.org/Journal/Issues/25/6/3878 oddly refers to a synthetic type of ?-carrageenan, a "a sulfated polysaccharide commonly used as a food additive." It's also rife with spelling errors, not a good sign. Irish Moss (Gigartina aciculaire, G. pistillata) is naturally-occuring, see http://www.sigmaaldrich.com/catalog/search/ProductDetail/SIGMA/C3889.

Andrew Weil I do not trust. He creates products for Origins, one of the most harmful "natural" cosmetics companies on the planet. In the article, however, even Weil is referring to "degraded forms of carrageenan" as unsafe. "Degraded" refers to a low-molecular form. Also, check the blogspot article again, you'll note the differences.

Not sure why MM doesn't carry the seal, but my products don't carry it, either. I sell less than $5000 per year. Also, it's an argricultural label, and I use an organic wholesaler that carries one, as opposed to cultivating my own. Plus I don't like the government in my life more than it has to be.

This article may be of interest: http://www.ens-newswire.com/ens/oct2002/2002-10-02-10.asp.

Peace, Joy and Happy Hair,
JMS nomicons/grin

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Personally I do not appreciate what has happened to "so called ORGANIC STANDARDS BY THE FDA"

Our ingredients are organic and many are WILD CRAFTED ORGANIC as well.

but I choose not to have the gov certify MM as they do a great job certifiying all of the other

so called natural products
so with that said
what else can be said.

I stand behind my products as 100% Natural
i do not see anyone else making such a claim? 
some go so far as saying they  are 70% natural?  what is that suppose to mean?
they are either natural or they are not....

big corp carries the seal of approval
but not reality nor honesty.

after over 40 years of this industry I have been there done that
and not part of any of the corp NON SENSE

Great Education

p.s. all that one reads is not reality especially with so much confusion with major corp take overs with whole foods and wild oats the list is endless.

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Hi Anthony & JMS :-)

Thanks for educating me :-) i just came aross some sites & had to ask.


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Thanks MacKey for posing this question and thanks JMS for the info!
  I totally understand the dislike of the government and also the fact that smaller size producers may not want to go through all the bureaucracy of FDA certification etc. (FDA being a loyal bedfellow to big  money notwithstanding), but do think that in general just a generalized accusatory-tone rhetoric against big corporations is not the way to go either.  Aubrey is a big, commercial producer as well and I do remember the first time I called MM customer service early March, during my inquiry about the MM products, (after getting my share of customer service arrogant treatment) the representative softly commended Aubrey but then was quick to add that it's a commercial brand and should not be trusted at all. 
That sort of generalization does not create trust either.  As I hope is clear, I'm not trying to give credit to one versus the other; it's just that this type of discourse does not convince me, or many other consumers who care where they put their money. Advertising is one thing, creating distrust in just everyone else is quite another.  I hoep this is taken for what's worth and nothing more, i.e., a reflection on some of the discourse on this forum (those who follow the forum can sure think of other examples).  We're here to learn and that goal should take priority over everything else.

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I  think it comes down to you just have to do your own research, and select the products that match your own personal beliefs.

i will buy alot of certified organic produce, but i will also buy foods that are not certified organic if i get a good feel for the companies philosophy, and the ingredients seem okay to me.  Sometimes i just get the sence that i trust a certain company or product to have the same or close values to mine.

if i am not mistaken, i think it cost $$ to go through the whole FDA certification process?  for some reason i was under the impression that some smaller companies lacked the resources to go through all of that.

Isn't the FDA trying to get GMO's and antibiotics to be okay under the organic label anyway?

I agree that it's unproductive to throw around blame, but i personally don't trust the FDA.  they just don't have the same concerns as I do about what's going into food in this country.