Topic: Leave-in Conditioners

Hi Anthony,

After towel drying twice, I spray in either the diamond mist or volumizer mist, and then massage a few drops of the euro oil.  Then brush three times.  Is this right?  Should the mists and the euro oil be used at the same time?  Is there a different way that you like to use the mists?  Thank you!  Maya

Re: Leave-in Conditioners

after towel drying apply a few drops into the scalp and hair ones outer hair
by putting a few drops into the palms of ones hands rub together and massage gently thru the outer layers of the hair.
then towel dry
then brush into place.
the last thing is to spray the diamond or volume and then leave alone.
its the final touch the mists.
and during the day one can spritz the sprays on for moisturizing and conditioning.

Happy Hair Dazs.


Re: Leave-in Conditioners

Thank you Anthony!  I did not realize the mists were the final touches!  I am glad I asked.