Topic: avocado mask

Hello anthony i was wondering what are your thoughts on an home-made avocado facial mask? I have heard so much about its touted benefits

Also in terms of the celtic sea salt soaps do the two different ones on your site treat different conditions?

Re: avocado mask

For a facial mask we here at MM suggest while doing our Zen Detox while applying the detox to the scalp and hair continue the mask to the face and neck and shoulders area.
Then rinse off the face detox perhaps in 10/15 minutes and rinse out the scalp and hair in 30 to 45 minutes.
Avacado is excellent for facial but our Zen Detox will penetrate alot deeper.
As for the soaps.
they are exactly the same only some people prefer different scents and this is the only difference in our celtic sea soaps.
They are excellent for  all conditions.
great Health