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Hi everyone...I've been following the lunar haircutting chart - getting my haircut every month on the lengthening days.  (I used to have hair down to hips, but got it cut last fall, sold it, and donated the money to a charity that restores vision to leprosy patients....Unfortunately, I didn't know about MM or lunar haircutting when I got it cut.  Though it was something that I wanted to do, I really missed my long hair - it truly was a sacrifice to give it - and now for the past year have been totally committed to optimizing my hair growth (I detox weekly, use only MM and follow all instructions to the letter!!).  SO, on the proper dates, I was going to the hair salon and getting it cut.  This past August 2nd I decided to try cutting it myself.  It is now past my shoulders (!!) and I want to tell everyone how EASY it was to cut it myself. 
I got my hair completely wet and combed through it (its very thick and wavy), I then parted it in the middle, brought both sides around to the front of my shoulders and took haircutting scissors and did a cut on each side.  I had to "work" the scissors a little to get through the thickness, but I really felt like it was done right this time.  At the salons they make a big deal of bringing up sections of hair then cutting, then letting down section, cutting, etc...I did two cuts and my hair has never felt better.
Anthony, maybe you can shed more light on why it makes such a difference to cut ones own hair, but I really noticed a complete difference - contrasted to the times I was at the salon.  I took off a little more than 1/2". 

So just wanted everyone to be encouraged to try it.  I like the fact that I felt so energized after the cutting.  Hopefully it will continue to encourage a fast growth - looking forward to the next snip in September. 

Happy Hair!!

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Thanks IronGirl for sharing this. I once cut my own hair, back in '92. It was a very bad experience. I was not familiar with lunar effects, or how to cut properly, or what type of scissors to use. I told myself I'd never try again. But lately I've been thinking about drawing from the benefits of older and wiser, and giving Anthony's blunt snip method a go. Not yet ready, but it sounds so great to successfully snip one's own hair, with that kind of care you describe. It would be a victory, after years of bad experiences. You've given me a boost.

mille grazie bella,

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To snip oneself is a RITUAL  and a grand experience for the Gods/Goddesses
yes its quite easy actually for shoulder length hair and longer.

in the salons are mostly toxic and are filled with chemicals and gossip and very negative vibs
and after all one is dealing with ones CROWN CHOKRA.
its quite simple actually
in the privacy of ones own home and caring conditions its a ritual in itself and doing it on the proper lunar cycle haircutting dates certainly makes it MAGICAL in and by itslef.

its not difficult
it frees one from the hairdresser and salon
ones sees great results instantly its thicker, fuller, healthier and very wavy

Great Adventures in haircutting blunt snip cutting


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Mille grazie to you both! I may be getting closer nomicons/smile JMS

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I tried this for the first time last week. I was terrified but did the same technique you spoke about. Parting my hair in the back and then pulling it forward and snip, snip. I too agree that instantly my hair felt more alive and full. I also liked the freedom I felt while doing it.

My only problem was this: Although I was able to cut both sides the same length and they look even from the front, when I took a mirror to view the back, I realized that it is longer there. In other words, the back has a slight V look to it. I wonder what I did wrong? I parted it evenly and pulled both sides down very well.

Anyone else have this happen to them? And is it OK to leave it like that (because it doesn't look bad) or should I have someone cut that part for me?