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Topic: New to morroco method

hi everyone, I started using morrocco method about a month ago and would like to share my experiances, also I am a male.

I started shedding a lot during the first couple of weeks of using the shampoo. then shortly after the amount of hair loss decreased. I then started getting the other products so that I could do all the "spokes in the wheel".
My hair and scalp was very oily.

The blonde brush is an excellent brush which made my hair and scalp feel better. Never in my life has that ever happened, that feeling adds great positive encouragement for me to keep going.

The zen detox is amazing, I now have a much less oily hair, although I still have to detox some more to restore my natural balance. I remember when I was younger when I could go a day without getting oily hair, which is now my goal.

The instant chi instant conditioner is great for stopping the itchiness, which my scalp does not itch anymore. Nor does my scalp have a light reddish color which I notice people that are losing hair also have.

Hopefully my experiance will be helpful and encouraging to others.

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Welcome sancho89! Thank you for your courage and sharing with us. Support, encouragement, openness, friendship-- we all thrive on it, need it to grow and achieve greater *fullness* (happy little hair pun!)

I wonder why the initial shedding happened. Anthony, is this a sort of cleansing process? Please illuminate.

sancho89, make sure to keep a healthy diet, free from a lot of stimulants, sugars, oils, fried or processed foods, etc. Very important for oily skin/scalps.

I understand all too well how hair effects us. Did you know that in 1996 the US alone spent over $680 million dollars on their hair? Capelli

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Congratulations on taking a positive step into the Truly 100% Natural World of Wellness and Healing:

when One starts a natural regime immediately all sorts of detox reactions will occur.
Losing more hair on the initial start is quite standard for many.  Do to the fact that  these hairs are allready mature follicles and are weak and will fall out anyway.  So its best to not grieve over their loss as new and HEALTHIER ONES will take their place soon!  We loose an average of 30 hairs daily and when we loose more at any given time its do to the fact that some sort of detox is occuring.  A good thing to have happening.

So Happy to hear your "spokes in a wheel" comments it shows you are doing your homework and thats part of the journey toward Wellness and Great Health!

Was not aware:
in 1996 THE US ALONE SPENT OVER 680 MILLION $$$ on hair alone Just goes to show that we all wish to have Healthy, beautiful and Luxurious Hair and that takes homework and a daily routine for most of us!

The more I stay in Hair the more Spiritual Hair is to me:
Its very depressing when one sheds hair toward the thinning and loss sides
thanks for supporting each other in a POSITIVE WAY in  sharing your  experiences for alll who venture toward the Educational Systems that lead back to MOTHER NATURE and Truly  NATURAL Methods and  ways of doing OUR DAILY HABITS/ROUTINE

Wishing you All Great Health, Happiness, Hair and POSITIVE ATTITUDES IN LEARNING OUR DAILY ROUTINES  after all we are all creatures of habits and they are simple just daily habits. 
So the more educated we get and the more we practice 100% Natural ways of living we encourage Ourselves, Each Other, our community and all who are concerned toward the Natural Path of Wellness and Great Health.


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Ciao Anthony!

>> The more I stay in Hair the more Spiritual Hair is to me

I love this, this resonates so true to me!

>> So its best to not grieve over their loss as new and HEALTHIER ONES will take their place soon!

This is very healing.

I have a question about this. As I wrote before, I had that trauma last year with the therapist and her stylist. Not only was my hair badly hacked up, but I procurred a lot of additional loss from the hair shaft breakage and cuticle damage, and the trauma itself-- telogen effluvium, I suppose.

Can it still be said that this sort of "unnatural" or inflicted hair loss is somehow a form of "cleansing"? Looking for the positive!

Grazie Anthony! Molto piecere! *JMS

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Ciao JMS and fellow Italiano

Have traveled far and studied deep with many hair shamans and the most Spiritual Element for Humans is Our Hair.
There are 5 Hair types of the body
5 fingers, toes, elements the list goes on.

The Spiritual World is not visible to the human eye by the average human
but when the Chi descends down from above and enters the body it is first recieved by ones Hair
Again there are 5 hair types and the hair on ones Head is the CROWN CHOKRA.

for this and many more reasons One does not wish to use chemicals nor processes on ones hair nor scalp.
Hairdressers say "HAIR IS DEAD"  thinking well it does not hurt you when I cut your hair!

But when one is very sensitive and aware the true Hairdresser/Shaman can see Aura's the life force, Chi coming and going and much more.

So this is the GOD and the GODDESS ENERGIES  its been proclaimed many times many ways in Fairy tales using hair as the main theme for all sorts of Great Energies and Abilities.

Actually Linda - My main Hair Apprentice in Maui has written quite an extensive work on Fairy Tales and Hair.

Grieving is a process but one needs to complete the cycle and move on.
thats why Its so Powerful to confront the one who has damaged ones Hair and clear the air and SPEAK ONES TRUTH nothing can stand in the way of One"s Truth Ever!

BEING POSITIVE is a Stand one Takes on our Journey toward the Sun/Light/Wellness and Health

As for your ? there is no such thing as Anyone therapist nor hairdresser being not responsible to hack and damage ones Hair and Scalp.  This is very Bad Karma on Their Part and something One must not be a part of or to continue such abuse.  And YES consultation is necessary to process and move one with ones life and not be a part of someones else's lack of professionalism or concern for others.

The Positive is
to move forward and onward and upward with all the education and tools one can use and make this a daily meditation thru rituals and daily habits to Create the Most Beautiful and Luxurious Hair and Scalp One can achieve.

Anthing done in the Positive energies to heal and rejuvenate the past is all part of the process.

I am asked many times "what about hair loss being in my family background?"
well what about it?
if someone has a drug related or alcoholic problem stemming from ones family past does one stop and say I am helpless and I can do nothing personally to change this in me?

So being Positive is a very Powerful and Active term here and all and anything one can do to correct/change the negative is our responsibility in Ones Journey toward Health Wellness Happiness and living a fuller life!

Mille Grazie and 13 million thank you's for doing Your Work


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Dear Anthony,
You mentioned Linda in Maui.  Is this the Linda that is listed on the Hairdresser Locator page?  I will be visiting Maui in May of next year and would love to make an appointment with her.  For some reason, I had just assumed she was on Oauhu.  I'm hoping I will be there during the appropriate lunar days.  As always, thanks for your wonderful products and invaluable education.

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Buona fortuna Italiano! Thank you Anthony! These are very powerful and healing words.

Yes, confrontation and release, so important! There are of course the legal and board certification ramifications-- I am doing all I can to make certain that the bad karma of these two individuals ends with me! Their actions were committed by exploiting my trust. So you are right about the bad karma. Our countryman Dante relegated the core of the Inferno to betrayers such as Brutus. But I hope one day I will forgive. It is painful to think of souls burning, even theirs.

Sometimes I still cry and mourn what I lost. You are so right about the spiritual and the hair, and these things sensitives and empaths understand and feel. You validate all I have been experiencing these fourteen months! Too much hair cut is a sort of death, and these two women took so much I thought I WOULD die. And I suppose a large part of me did. And here I still am. So it is a rare and terrible and wonderful dark night of the spirit.

I would love to read what Linda has written. I like researching hair and history. Have you ever studied the life of Hildegard von Bingen? She was a great visionary from Rhineland born at the wake of the twelfth century. She was tithed to the church by her parents. Her head was shaved when she became an anchoress, or extreme aesethic, at the mere age of eight. But such a soul could not be contained in four cold stone walls! Hildegard went on to become a renowned herbalist, writer, physician and healer. It was her hair, the physicalization of her trauma, that was rumored to be a source of healing, and Hildegard worked to help heal the feminine spirit. In fact, my daughter has always called my hair "my beeky," or security blanket. I think there is some connection to our hair, and mother. Comfort. Safety.

I gain from your words to remember that with all I do, looking to the positive is to look FORWARD. To greater growth!

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Dear Sunshine

Yes this  is thee Linda in Maui
Do contact her via our hairdresser locator and see if you can connect it will well be worth your efforts.

Shes Great and the most Natural Hairdresser I know of

Great Adventures


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Dear JMS Mille Grazie and buono Fortuna

All paths are learning experiences the great secret is not to repeat them!

Yes 14 months is a lengthy time to go thru any truama
and You did Die
and now you are REBORN to clearer understanding and a freedom from the past/known/Krishnamurti:

This is also part of Dante's Inferno to see the world as it is
to experience the world for oneself
and to not stay stuck in the past
but to do the mysteries as the Great Phoenix who burns and evolves from the ashes to a New Flight A GREAT INSIGHT but all experiences that are real must be paid for first before one gets the Blessing:

One Lesson I learned from Robert Bly was one must first get wounded,  then learn from the wound and to go beyond oneself and Thank the God or Goddess who Gave us the Wound in order to get THE BLESSING:

it is our Truth "One Day we will Forgive"  but one needs to process the wound, grief the loss and then move onward from the insight and learning the lesson is the whole process from beginning to end.
To release and forgive but NEVER FORGET this is the path less travelled:

bravo for your courage and insights to move thru this and when ready release and come out the other side more radiant and beautiful for it all!

Never heard of Hildagard Von Bingen but all sounds interesting and again hair is the Mystery always in Lore!

Perhaps you can contact Linda via email thru the hairdresser locator and see what she has done with her study of history Hair and the Mystery.

Wishing you Great Health/Wellness  Luxurious Hair and above all Many Blessings

May we all Dance and celebrate You at your 100th Birthday (forgot how to say this in Italian)  but its so great sounding in Italiano



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Uh oh... perhaps Heraclitis was right! Seems like I've stepped in the same river twice (or more!), but then again, upon further reflection, it never is! Always a new lesson. I certainly learn a great deal through my hair.

Still struck with awe that you know Robert Bly. I'm a poet and find this amazing! I'd love for your to read a poem on my website in English & Italian, if you find the time: http://www.seasonsandamuse.com. It was written after my first dark night of the soul, while I was studying Kierkegaard's "Fear and Trembling."

Thank you so much for your encouragement and healing.

Btw, I'm looking into the expression, can't remember the Italian version myself but recall you are right, 'essere molto bello'!

Mille grazie, Anthony-- stato splendido! nomicons/tongue JMS

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This is not a hair question, but it is a health question.
I've noticed a few people that are familiar with Kevin Trudeau.  He recommends staying away from florescent lighting.  But now everyone is recommending it for energy savings.  Does anyone know is full spectrum lighting the same as florescent?

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Also i wanted to mention that i joined the natural cures website, but couldn't seem to get much information from it.  I couldn't find how to ask Kevin a question.  I cancelled my membership, but have yet-2 months-to get my money back.
This forum is awesome-how Anthony answers your questions directly-and quickly:)

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I joined the natural cures website a long time ago too. but I was never able to login as it kept saying my password was incorrect. I tried dealing with the webmaster to change my password, but they never replied back to solve the problem. So I ended up canceling the account without recieving any information. 
I use full spectrum lighting in my house, its not the same as fluorescent.

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I was diagonised with androgenic alopecia 10 years ago, which I am sure was starting 15 years previously. I am a 62 year old FEMALE and I have naturally curly dark hair that is probably mostly gray now, I keep it colored with permanent coloring which I do myself. My hair is coarse which helps  with looking somewhat thick in places. I have several places on my scalp which are so thin I cannot cover up the balding spots. Will any of these products actually help me? I wear my hair short but not extremely short.

Re: New to morroco method

suggest going the road less traveled and switch to MM HENNA 100 % NATURAL PLANT.

especially with thinning and hair loss one is weakening and compromising ones natural detoxing processes.

and the more Natural the better.

please read our educational literature.

Great Health