Topic: Anthony, a Q about hair spray & a Q about Zen Detox

Dear Anthony,
Two questions if you will:
1) Is there a MM holding hair spray in the works, by any chance? I ask because my hair really, really needs one! I am MM exclusively now for about 5 months and I adore all your products. In the midst of growing out my bangs (as you recommend) my hair is driving me crazy! Falling in my face and eyes, having no style or hold whatsoever. I find myself clipping up my very fine, thin, shoulder length hair ALL the time. I really need a holding spray. I love the blood of the dragon and use it daily but if offers no hold for my type hair at all. WE NEED AN MM HOLDING SPRAY ANTHONY...please help and advise.

2) Can I Zen Detox WHENEVER I want? I know you recommend once a week for 3 weeks but is it just as effective if I simply use it periodically? For instance: twice in one week, or skip a couple months & then use, or just whenever I feel my hair needs it? (which for me seems to be about once every three weeks.) Is it OK to use the Detox in that fasion or should I stick to once a week for three straight weeks....and if so, why??

Thank you Anthony, in advance, for your time and advice,

Re: Anthony, a Q about hair spray & a Q about Zen Detox

sorry the best holding product is the Blood of the dragon
there is no hair spray that will hold hair into place to that degree...
the volume is more of a fly away's and bad hair days spray.

Zen detox can be used individually whenever one feels the need for it.
so use as often or infrequent as you feel necessary.

I recommend three times once per week then rest one month then repeat as a general method for use.
its great to use as often or infrequent as you would like it to be used.

your most welcome