Topic: Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask?

Hello Anthony I really love your detox mask which I use but was also wondering what were your thoughts on say a mud mask made from dead sea minerals. My friend was telling me about the one on this site. It claims to be all natural and do wonders. What is your opinion.  thanks again
Dead Sea Magic Mineral Mud Mask

Re: Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask?

MM ZEN DETOX is specifically designed for Hair and Scalp.

The dead sea mud mask is for face and other body parts.
This mud has been around forever along with other clays and muds from around the world.  there all good when not having any additives put into them in their pure and natural states.  The more minerals the better but best of all are TRACE MINERALS.
this is why we sell CELTIC SEA SOAPS as it contains 92 trace minerals.
We also preserve our shampoos and some conditioners using 92 trace minerals!

Personally having lived in Italy, France and England for years Mud therapy is a way of life in Europe.  Mostly from volcanic sources.
Asia also has many volcanic muds that are wonderful.
clay is a world as to itself, as its alive, and the properties are very healing.
but all of these subjects have many books written on them and can be quite educational.
For your answer direct:
Yes Dead Sea mud is great for facials and body.
but for Detoxing the scalp ITS ZEN DETOX as this was designed specifically for Hair and Scalp.
Hope this helps.
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