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I am learning more and more to let go of how my hair looks and think about the health of my hair and scalp. People do compliment me on my hair, but the most important thing is it's whole and healthy, I'm whole and healthy. It's got some gray, good! My warrior marks.

I like to test these so-called "experts." I called The Secret Garden Spa in Pacific Palisades, CA. It boasts "An Organic Experience." I asked what hair color they use. Redken! Can you believe it? "Natural," the stylist kept saying. "We try to be as pure as we can be." Bull feathers. "Is it chemical?" I asked. "It's natural," she replied. "But is it chemical?" I asked again. See how much these pushers don't want to admit to chemical use? They know it's bad for you. "Mask," she tells me. Oh, right, a conditioning mask you'll use to make my hair feel better after you damage it with chemicals. Cover up the problem. Looks good, must be good. "But is it CHEMICAL?" I asked for the third time. "Yes," she finally conceded, her voice lowering. Secret Garden is right, as in, "Shhh, don't tell we're really not natural or organic." "We also use MOP and PureOlogy." Great, so after you nuke my head, you're going to send sulfites into my brain. I'll look fabulous right up until the time the chemotherapy I'll need after all these cancerous substances kicks in, thus affecting my gene pool and future generations. But hey, don't I LOOK good?

These pushers make more money to create more problems that only their feigned "expertise" can solve. Reminds me of the allopathic model. No thanks.

How things look is just the tip of the iceburg. Throwing around words like "natural" and "safe" and "organic" is just using language. Wholistic is whole-istic is wholistic. The rest is... not.

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wholeheartedly agree :-)

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Right on MacKey! nomicons/smile

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Way to go JMS!

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Thanks sunshine nomicons/grin