Topic: Scalp question!

Hi Anthony,

I have been using the silver essence grapeseed elixir last 2weeks and almost finished it, along with this I have been brushing, massaging, as recommended. I have noticed alot if tingling and sensations in the areas where I putting the elixir by the way my head feels so good after the massaging/brushing. Are all these sensations that I am feeling on my scalp normal?

Thanks so much I am really loving these haircare products.


Re: Scalp question!

Dear Leah

Yes this is Normal to feel tingling sensations in the scalp
as the elixirs are very active
and the brushing and scalp massaging are allowing more blood and air into the scalp along with allowing more sebum natural hair oils to spread across the scalp and to the ends of ones hair.

Great Health and Holidays