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Topic: Anthony (or ANYONE)...PLEASE advise! Hair and body.

Help...My hair feels heavy and unclean! I am MM exclusive for 8 straight months now. I rotate all four shampoos and the chi. I shampoo every other day. Scalp massage with each shampoo. My last trim (I did myself) was a little more than 3 weeks ago. I use the euro oil after each shampoo..on the ends only and a very tiny amount rubbed into my scalp. My last detox was more than a month and a half ago. I brush with the MM blonde brush but only briefly... pre-shampoo. (I do not find the time to brush as often as you recommend, unfortunately.) Oh, I also use the diamond mist and volume spray daily but only in small amounts and I alternate each.

I am quite inactive (except for work 40 hrs a week) due to pain from Fibromyalgia. I am Vegan, but take a multi, B12, Vit.D, Calcium and Omega 3 supplements every day. I have recently quit smoking (almost 4 months now) YEAH for me!! My doctor has me on a medication called Lycria to manage pain.

Lately I am very pale, dark circles under my eyes, worn and tired looking and feeling. I just don't feel great and I wonder if my hair is also affected by this. Very heavy, dry, dull and a kind of dirty feeling. Perhaps I am in need of a detox treatment and nothing more?

I have had more blood tests done on me in the last several months than most people have done in their lifetime. Everything normal except that I am Vitamin D deficient..very much so actually..and no understanding of why. I now take supplements and try to drink more soy milk.

Sorry this went on for sooo long but the moral of the story is: I don't feel or look well lately, and that definitely includes my hair.
Any suggestions from anyone? Or similiar experience?

And Anthony...what should I do to try and help my hair in the meantime?

I should add: I am a white female, 39 years old, chin length fine, thin hair.

Thanks for listening!!

Re: Anthony (or ANYONE)...PLEASE advise! Hair and body.

suggest getting your blood circulating
YOGA or any physical class to slowly stimulate the blood circulation
walks  -  30 minutes per day does wonders.
also scalp massage for more blood and air into the scalp
and more hair brushing also excellent.

Remember the more stimulation and exercise one gets the more energies produced
the less stimulation the less energies one gets.

Walk, breathe and positive attitude is the key here:

Great Healthy Hair and energies

Re: Anthony (or ANYONE)...PLEASE advise! Hair and body.

Hi Gina!

Inactivity will definitely produce lethargy. Discover what low to moderate level exercises are safe and effective for your condition. Yoga is an excellent suggestion. Alfalfa spouts and teas will help Fibromyalgia. Also, the many blood tests, while perhaps not producing anemia, will create lethargy, too. Red clover blossoms help circulation, pressure and blood cell levels. Finally, some women in late-thirties begin to experience pre-menopausal hormone fluctuations. Dong Quai, also known as Tan Kwe, will assist.

Hope this helps!
JMS nomicons/wink

Re: Anthony (or ANYONE)...PLEASE advise! Hair and body.

Hello JMS,
All very excellent suggestions. Thanks so much for taking the time to offer me some guidance. Very much appreciated!

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Re: Anthony (or ANYONE)...PLEASE advise! Hair and body.

I hope this isn't the case for you, but it sounds like u may have hypothyroidism. I got it a few years ago & u won't believe where - from SOY!! Yep, it's not the fabulous ingredient everyone would have u believe. In fact, it causes a lot of different problems, among them depressing the thyroid gland. I've almost cured myself completely of it (something doctors said was IMPOSSIBLE!), and I hope to be off all medication in the next couple of months. Your symptoms sound amazingly similar to what I was going through.

So here's what I suggest:

1) Go to a doctor & get your thyroid checked (u'll get a TSH score - the lower the better ~1-3 typically, mine was 14 when it was found!!)
2) Get off ALL soy!! And I mean check EVERY ingredient - they stick it everywhere! Use rice, almond, etc. milks as substitutes.
3) Get a fluoride filter if you drink water (fluoride also causes hypothyroidism)...I got mine - a portable one - from Crystal Quest (crystalquest.com). If u can get a reverse osmosis filter for your whole house, that is the optimal solution.

And if it turns out u do have hypothyroidism, here's what I did to cure myself:

1) Find a doctor of Chinese medicine. They gave me herbs to improve my condition & they really helped!
2) Start eating organic coconut oil like candy! It's very nourishing to the thyroid & when I've gone a long time without it, I can really tell a difference.
3) Take Thyroid Help - a collection of herbs that help boost the thyroid. See here: http://www.naturallydirect.net/thyroid-supplement.htm
4) Of course, rid your house of all chemicals.
5) And I would do #s 2 & 3 above anyway...

Hope this helps! Let me know if u have any questions.