Topic: Questions on Hair Parting and Elixers

Mr. Morrocco, I have a question about parting my hair for the "do it yourself" blundt snip cut. My hair is about 2 inches past my shoulders, and I part my hair on the side (pretty far on the side). Should I part it on the side for my cut and just try to work all the way around the back the best I can? Or should I part in the middle (from front to back) and bring each side around pigtail style and cut like it seems most people do on the forums? I wouldn't think that I should part on the side from front to back and cut pigtale side because then the shape in the back would be off, right? I hope this makes sense. Please help!

Also, I bought the diamond and silver elixers a month ago, but I haven't used them yet. The diamond elixer  appears to be clear/no color/transparent and the siver elixer is kind of a milky opaque color. This month I ordered one of your packages that comes with the siver elixer. The silver elixer that came with the package looks nothing like the one I received last month. It is more of a milky yellow gold color and I can actually see solids floating around in it. I have shaken it up really well but, the goopy solid stuff just moves around the bottle. The bottle I got last month looks great, but this one kind of worried me. And now I'm confused about which might be correct. I know that with such fresh ingredients that the products will vary from batch to batch, but this really looks strange. It will not mix or blend together. What do you think?

I am loving your shampoos and conditioners!! Thanks for your time and your knowledge, Jennifer

Re: Questions on Hair Parting and Elixers

Blunt snip haircutting is from the center and working toward the sides as one snips the ends  pigtail style:

As for the elixirs they are very WILD CRAFTED and each batch may vary according to seasons harvested and different variations of all sorts of seasons:
yes there are different herbs and spices floating around.  that is the reason it says "shake well before using"
they are both very organic and both are equal in strengths.
suggest using each one and see for yourself if there is a difference
I am sure they will both be of equal strengths and effects:
not to worry the floating ingredients need to be shook up each time in using

be sure to alternate them one each month and a week rest in between usage:
please update me on your progress
and thanks for going truly natural

Your most welcome

Re: Questions on Hair Parting and Elixers

Thanks for all the info.

So will my side part still look and fall OK even though I have cut my hair while in a center part???

I starting using the silver elixir 3 days ago. It feels great and really adds a lot of volume to my hair after applied. I am anxious to see the long term benefits. When it says that it stops hair thinning in 30 days, does that mean it will stop shedding in about 30 days?

I am having hair loss/thinning due to a major stressful period that started about 4 months ago. The stress is just now starting to lessen, but my shedding/thinning is staying the same. In your opinion, what is the "NORMAL" range of hairs to loose in a day. I have read all over that it is normal to loose up to 100-125 hairs per day. That just seems like a lot of hairs each day! How in the world can the new growth keep up with that rate of loss? I don't know how many hairs I lost a day before this thinning started because I didn't pay any attention (didn't need to). Now I am counting hairs in the shower and in my brush every day! I don't think I am loosing much over the normal range per day, but I have about half of the hair on my head that I had 4 months ago! Is it just the rate of the new growth and not the numbers of hairs shed that matters when it comes to thinning. Did my stress just shut down my new growth for a while? Sorry for the rambling!

Thanks again for your time and knowledge, Jennifer

Re: Questions on Hair Parting and Elixers

suggest parting your hair in your side part first cut
this should fall into place quite naturally.
but if not then do the center part on the second cut
but only cut small amounts off the ends like 1/3 to 1/2 inch cuts the most.
one can always cut once per month for seeing the difference.

hair loss and shedding the same thing. 
30 days when one is doing the method as prescribed.

major stress needs to be addressed with all natural situations
deep breathing, lots of exercise like gentle yoga only,  walks 30 minutes is sufficient daily
rate of loss
we loose between 30 to 40 hairs a day at most
100 and more ?  they certainly dont understand the natural cycles.
if one is loosing more then 40 hair per day that is alarming and needs to be addressed as a abnormal condition.

again  brushing and scalp massaging GENTLE and getting more blood and air into the scalp and whole body.

whatever causes the stress must be addressed and removed at all costs....

the Life and hair that we save may be our Own...