Topic: Volumizing mist

can I use this every day as a styling aid? i know i need to rotate conditioners, but since i am not using any traditional styling products, is it okay to use this or blood of the dragon styling gel every day for styling?

also, i tried my first blunt snip cut. it had turned out okay, but i noticed it was quite uneven in the back. i had my mom attempt to even out the back, which made it worse. how long should i wait for attemped to recut it? my ends are frizzy and i have lots of layers to grow out.  next time i will leave it alone after the first cut!

since i am new to the products and forum i wanted to say how excited i am to finally be doing something natural fo rmy hair. i am 28, and have severe thinning all over the crown and a receding hair line. obviously, i am devastated. the thinning started probably 3 years ago and has gotten progressively worse. i am also in the process of getting off some meds (yay!), and am sure that will make a difference as well.

best wishes


Re: Volumizing mist

yes of course
one can use these products daily and even several times per day each
they are all natural and holistic

blood of the dragon is a leave in conditioning styling gel the only one of its kind globally.
and the mists are great alternating one each day
or use one each and every day very safe and healthy and conditioning.

one can cut ones hair once each month.
and for lots of layers to grow out and uneven just snip off 1/2 inch each month will be quite sufficient.

congratulations on going truly natural
and try accupuncture and Homeopathics they are miraculous and for certain very natural
again do homeopathics as an alternative its truly miraculous.

the life we save may be our own.