Topic: betonite clay

Hello Anthony, I was wondering I really like to conserve and use your shampoos for my hair and every now and then for my shaving. But I recently also bought this lb  of bentonite clay powder, I used it for a face mask and it works great. But then on certain days I take a teaspoon add some water and rub into my face like a facial gel but don't let it stay on like a mask, is this advisable to use betonite clay in this manner daily? I was actually looking into getting all natural clay soap in conjunction with my celtic sea salt soap. The last question I have for you in regards to clay which one is the best for skincare purposes, is it bentonite? tHanks again

Re: betonite clay

Yes bentonite is great for all reasons

make sure its all Natural and nothing added:
one can take one teaspoon internally daily also its vry detoxing and cleansing
great for facials
there are different colors of clays from france also that are very healing
green for internal
white for facials
red for detoxing

great Health and Hair