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Anthony, can you please help me with another acupuncture question? I went for my first time today for anxiety and it was very nice and relaxing. She is a third generation Chinese Medicine and acupuncturist from China.

I also showed her an alopecia areata spot that I had come up in October. It was about the size of a quarter right in front of my crown. The spot is gradually filling in, but it is still very thin and sparse. There is no completely bald spot anymore, but from a distance it just looks like scalp because the hair is so so sparse. She said that she treats this frequently. Today I had needles in my ear, my hand and my ankle. She was going to do some type of scalp acupuncture, but I told her that it made me nervous, so she didn't do it. Can you please ask your acupuncturist about this procedure? She showed me the instrument she would use. It is a plastic thing kind of the size and shape of a toothbrush. At the end is a small circle of very short thin prongs. I guess needles. She said something about a plum flower shape. She said she taps this on the bald spot to improve the circulation. I searched online and found some info on acupuncture for hair loss. There was quit a bit but who knows what is real or not.

Please, please, please will you ask your professional what they think? I trust your opinion and experience very much. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!   Jennifer

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Dear Jennifer

I have worked with Chinese Masters from China over many decades and respect their expertise.
again I have not seen any improvement from accupuncture from hair loss as its so slow in the process.
I suggest:
brushing and scalp massaging for stimulation
and yoga, 30 minute walks and chiquong all in moderation and gentle classes and alot of breathing.

one needs to get their blood and air circulating into ones whole system and exercise is one of our key functions.
so lost in our modern world of cars, tv's, computers, sitting and not getting alot of exercise normally.

so chop wood carry water one needs to be responsible for their own exercise programs and healing
accupuncture is one of my main modes of healing but again not thee answer for hair growth.

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