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Helly everyone!

I have a two part question for anyone:

1.  My hair has acquired a bad odor.  I have been using the shampoos, done one detox and used the henna.  Now when I wet my hair, I smell something like a cross between mud and fish.  It's ooey.  Is this just the detox happening or just the regular smell of the shampoos?  I did a search on detox, but didn't find that mentioned.  Also, I've been washing my hair most every day.

2.  How has everyone's growth rate changed since using the Morrocco Method?  I'm really hoping to help my hair grow faster.

Thanks!  Everyone have a great day nomicons/smile

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Dear Anothersideofme

How long have you been using the MM products
and in what order
how often do you shampoo

What were the shampoo used before MM and for how long.

Thank you

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I have been using the shampoos for a week and a half.  I started with just using them every other day and for the past several days have been using them every day.  I have all four shampoos and am alternating them.  I'm not sure of the order.  I know I used the earth first and the last one was apple cider.  Last Friday I did a detox and then on saturday and sunday, I did henna.

Before mm I was using aveda damage remedy.


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oh yea, and it was just in mid december that I had a disastrous perm put in.  That's why I was using the damage remedy.  I've since had most of my hair cut off.

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Sorry to hear that - a perm is most disasterous to all
and having most of your hair cut off is very damaging as well.
Hope you confronted the hairdresser to clear this part out!

that can well be the detox smell coming from both the perm process and the remedy which is a good thing.

Aveda is not natural in any way.  If ones reads the ingredients it says alot of botanicals (which are all made in a laboratory) and the rest are very chemical.  Not a Healthy product to use for anyone aware of going Natural!

Suggest doing more Zen Detox once weekly for around 3 to 6 treatments to clear this out of your scalp.

Shampooing will also help detox in a more subtle level
remember to always shampoo twice once to get the immediate dust and build up off of the scalp and the second time massage gently.

Again sorry to hear both the perm and hair cutting are not nice to have to experience.

Please update in 30 days and can say with confidence from past experience this is nothing to be alarmed about.

Just time and patience and lessons learned.

Great Health and Education


Perms have horrific chemicals and toxins to them
so between the perm and damage remedy you very well are detoxing alot out of your scalp.

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Thanks Anthony!  I'm planning on doing another detox tonight.  I have been doing a final rinse with a pitcher of water containing about 3 or 4 drops of jasmine essential oil.  This has helped the smell.  I hope that it won't harm the detox process any though.

Thanks for the encouraging words!  One month, I can do it! nomicons/smile

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I had the same problem with the smell and buildup after about 3 months of using the products and stopped using them.  The water here is very hard, could that be a factor?  Will rinsing with ACV help?  I switched (for 2 months) to a 'non-chemical' shampoo & conditioner (Real Purity), which is ok and eliminated the smell, but doesn't make my hair feel thicker like the MM.  I switched back to MM today and am hoping to be able to stay with it.  I shampoo every other day and am going to try diluting with water.  I also installed a water filter, but it does not soften.  I really cannot tolerate the smell, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

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for bad water get a shower filter.  a good one that truly will detox out the chemcials.

yes rinsing with acv is very good as well.

as for the smell its the natural plant smell that one is protesting about?  its natural and very healing
the earth has many natural smells besides floral scents.  like earth and sea water and compost but its all healing.
get over it....


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O-K.  I wasn't referring to the smell of the product itself as the problem.  So, I am "over it."  I actually prefer it to the artificial flowery smells of most commercial, toxic products. It's the smell that developed in my hair after several weeks of using the product that is troublesome.  Build up of some kind I assume.  My teenage son had the same result and didn't previously use any styling products that may have reacted.  Therefore I suspected the hard water.  As the original post mentioned the same problem, I thought maybe there was a known cause and remedy.

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yes the best remedy is getting a shower filter

we carry an excellent one on our website

thanks for the concerns


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I have severe flaking scalp, and have tried many different oils, natural shampoos (I am currently using Aubrey Organics), etc. to no avail. I have also tried rinsing my hair with ACV mixed with water & essential oils, and I will never do that again. My hair smelled so SOUR for a solid week. I noticed that all your shampoos contain ACV. I think this may be contributing to the smell that the other posters have mentioned. Anthony, I would love your feedback on this. Thank you!

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hi rain! I use ACV in a rinse on occasion, even leaving it in, and never have a problem, EVER! with a lingering smell....I use about a tablespoon for 16 oz of water....dilute! dilute! dilute! a la dr bronner's!....

the smelll some are experiencing, I think, is a buildup of scalp oils/shampoo residue, etc that hasn't been scrubbed away properly...I make sure to use either pads of fingers and/or scalp massager (can''t wait for new one!) and scrub, gently of course! and then rinse! rinse! rinse! ;-).....

hth a little....