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Anthony, i don't know if you will be able to answer this one, but maybe some women out there might know,
my doctor put me on the birth controll Yasmin and I've been taking it for about 4 years.
The purpose was to regulate my periods, and reduce iron loss, and thus fatigue.
I tried stopping them once 2 springs ago and that was the start of my extreme hair loss.

i've never liked the idea of taking them, but the nurse practicioner was stongly in favor of them.  For a while i liked them, and at first i actually thought my hair was thicker.  The other plus is that i have clear skin and lighter "mustache" hair.  But over all i don't like the idea of pills.

My problem is i'm afraid to stop them again for fear of loosing more hair.  but on the other hand I wonder how much it's contributing to it in the first place.

i read on another site that hair loss due to any birth controll pills will grow back although it takes about 6 months for hair to get back into it's old routine.

any thoughts on this?

PS, Yasmin is sometimes used to treat hairloss, but i've come across forums out there from women who've lost hair after starting Yasmin.

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I've been using Toni Wescher's Fertility Awarness Method (her book is called taking charge of your fertility) for over 3 years now - after my dr took me off bc due to the homonal havoc it was wrecking upon my body -  It took several years for my body to re-adjust and within the past 6 months my hair and nails began to grow like gang busters.   I've been using MM for just about a  month and I'm looking forward to the positive benefits of using the products and having my hair return to its natural beauty.... nomicons/smile


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Dear shijin,

how ironic that i just started looking into this again.  i'm looking into something similar that is called NaPro technology that works with a womans natural cycle. they can deterimine if you have an estrogen/progensterone imbalance and will try to first treat it with nutrition suppliments, and if that doesn't help they use what is called 'bioidentical hormones'  which i gather is supposed to be identical to the hormones naturaly made by the body.
synthetic hormones such as those in bcp's need to be altered somewhat from the natural form so that drug co.'s can patent them, since you can't patent a  natural substance, such as estrogen.  So bcp's contain a synthetic estrogen that confuses the body, and can't be broken down effieciently.

i'm supposed to stop the bcp's after next week.  i'm trying not to dread it to much because they 've been like a crutch to me the past few years.  Supposedly this brand has an anti androgen effect, and my obgyn insists that if anything, it is helping my hair.
So i'm not sure what to believe.  My gut tells me it 's not good for me.  But i'm worried that if i stop, the upset in my hormones as they readjust will cause more hair loss. So that is my main fear.

But i'm just going to have to suck it up and stop, or i'll never find out. 

After all i've been on them 5years and my hair is continuing to shed and thin out, so apparently it is n't helping me keep my hair.

thanks for sharing your success story

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Hi again Kathy!

Be sure to let me know what happens after u stop taking them. I personally don't have the hair loss issue (well, I do, but it's minimal), but I'd like to know how your hormones act after u get off them!! nomicons/smile Do u have the same issue as me - where u get very sad, depressed, angry, etc. about a week before your cycle? I've unfortunately been on the pill since I was a teenager (long time ago!), and my hormones - & cycle - were very messed up then...But of course, almost ALL teens have messed up hormones, so I don't know how my body will truly act after being off them!

Best of luck to ya!

PC11 nomicons/cool

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hi there Kathy & everyone :-)

thought i'd share my experience with you. i too have been on the Pill (Mercilon, then Yasmin too for one year). i was on the Pill to regulate my periods. when i was a teenager i had very unregular periods, sometimes i wouldn't get it. being on the Pill helped regulate it. i had no negative effects from the Pill, then again i wasn't on it for that many years. however reading all the possible side effects plus the fact that it's a hormone treatment, that i did not like, so i stopped taking it years ago. i do not believe in taking unnessecary medicine, and especially not if whatever one has can be helped or cured in a natural way. the Pill did not help me keep my hair & i have not lost more hair after stopping it. i was expecting my periods to become irregular again, & they did, but not as much as they were when i was younger (i'm now 28). however i have noticed that after i've begun living much more healthier (drinking more water, exercising regularly, eating more fresh fruits & vegetables, lean meat, fish & poultry... overall just a more organic & healthir diet), then my periods are now pretty much normal. of course it could just be my hormones having regulated themselves overtime :-)

last time i went to see a Gynecologist, she told me that my irregular periods wasn't anything to be concerned about if i was in good health, that we don't all have 28 cycle days some have 30 something. she told me that it was just how my body worked. since then though my periods have acutally become more regular. about a week before my periods i do get a bit blue, but i know this & i know why i get like this, so i've learned to do nice things in that week, & to not let it get to me. exercising helps at lot. the blue state i get in is not as bad as it used to be either. & my cramps during my period is not too bad either. i am using WiseWays Herbals' Wild Yam-E Salve a week before my period & then during, and that really helps. last time i didn't have any cramps ( also i have a wonderful boyfriend who can make me laugh really hard & long & that cetainly helps too :-) plus he's actually of the same belief as me, that the Pill just isn't good for you. i personally believe that how we feel about our periods & how we see ourselves during that time is important too. i used to hate that time of month, but now i just embrace it. i know that might sound a bit silly, but it's a part of us, of being a woman, & it isn't anything bad, so any negative feelings about it i believe won't help or do you any good :-) just my 2 cents.

also i have been looking into natural pads as opposed to disposable pads. i'm still thinking about it though :-) ( or if that's just too much or gross then there's at least a healthier brand of disposable pads called Natracare (

all the best & warmest,

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For those of you gals w/cramps or blue, here is my two-cents:
i had read about evening primrose oil -EPO- a lot but didn't believe all the positive reviews or ADs re cramps or the infamous blue days.  finally, i started taking it about two months ago (the GNC brand with 1300MG which i thought might be too much so i've reduced it to every other day now). i didn't have any irregularity to begin with (though as MacKey just mentioned 28 is not necessary --in fact it is very exceptional and most likely happens only with BCP and not naturally).  but i could not emphasize enough how EPO has affected my cramps and lightened up the blue days.  generally, my mood is 100% better in that week.  i also started fish oil (again with much research on a brand with highest quality of purification/filteration not to absorb nasties --FYI Nordic Naturals).  too early to say what that had done on me but EPO passed its test unbelievably well with me.  sorry if it's too much info here nomicons/smile

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So MacKey where do u put the Wild Yam-E salve? On your tummy or all over? I just checked it out & the ingredients look good!! I may have to order that! nomicons/grin

Also, Yogi Tea has an Organic Woman's Moon Cycle blend that works really well to drink during that time (I drink it the week before & the week of)! It helps me a great deal when I drink it regularly!

Here's what the site says about it:

"Organic Woman

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hi pilateschick :-)

i apply the Wild Yam-E Salve on my wrists & abdomen. You can apply it to you upper pelvic area & forehead as well. But using it on my wrists & abdomen worked fine for me. Use 1 teaspoon daily.

all the ingredients in WiseWays Herbals' products are natural & organic (from their own farm). Their Beautilful Belly Balm works wonders for dry skin. i know it's for pregnant bellies, but i use it all over & it's just great :-)


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Hi everyone,

about the crabbiness,  i'm really not sure.  i think when i was younger i got sick of my mom telling me every feeling i felt was due to what time of the month it was for me! so i rebelled and dismissed it all and refused pay much attention cuz i thought it was all stupid.

the only definite sign I had of pms is i will break out once a month, and get cramps of varying degrees lasting for a day or so. 
The Na Pro technician said that actually pms is not normal, and if your hormones are in the right balance you wont' have this.
She talked about something called estrogen dominance, where you have too much estrogen and not enough progesterone.  it is more common in developed countries according to my research.  they think it's due to hormones and artificial ingredients in our food and environment that we are exposed to plus pesticides which all can act like synthetic estrogens.

When i was younger i was always in some sort of depression most of the time.  i finally came out of it in my mid 20's after finishing school and i had time to reflect on my life and figure i could be just as happy as the next person if i wanted too.  then i started the pills and was fine for about a year or so, then the depression set in really bad.  and anxiety. among other things. but i didn't connect any of it with the pills since the onset was so gradual.  Turns out that the Yasmin is not reccomended for people prone to depression.  i don't know why the obgyn didn't say anything.  I know we talked about me possibley being depressedd on one or 2 occasions.  It surprises me that she either didn't know of the warning or didn't think it was serious or related.

So it 's hard to know if my mood is dependant on my cycle since i'd be crabby most of the time.

aside from that, i had a sports med dr. put me on an nsaid that is contraindicated with my bcps.  I am starting to sence that my dr.s are maybe trying to off me.  I don't think i will go back to an allopathic dr again unless someone hauls me into the ER unconscious.

So i learned the hard way how important it is to do your own research b4 taking anything.  Also trust your gut if you don't like the idea of popping pills cuz the medical community does not share this view i don't think.

Thanks for all the info on natural remedies though.  i'll let you know how it all goes.
I'm taking lot's of suppliments and trying to eat a better diet.  i've been feeling much better just due to that.  Also knowing that i may have been feeling and acting crabby towards everyone in my life because of possible side effects from the pill rather than because i'm a horrible person has eased a lot of my  depressed feelings too i think.  So things are getting better.
then im going to try accupuncture too, to see if it can help rebalance my hormones after i stop the pill.

so in a few months, i'll have some idea of what the outcome might be.

I will keep you all posted.


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hi Kathy,

i agree with you doing research yourself & also trusting your gut & your own feelings, because most of the time our bodies knows best. & it kinda makes sense that all the synthetics & nasties in our food & skincare & household products could lead to "upset" bodies & hormone levels. i can definitely tell a difference since i've begun eating healthier & switching to natural/organic skincare & household products. of course maybe half of it could be in my mind too :-) but my body just feels better & more calm now. also the blue week i usually went through a week before my period, it's much less now.

i think it's great you're going off the Pill. i realize it's a convenient little pill, but there other ways to protect oneself of unwanted pregnancy which are safer. also just taking the Pill to regulate one's periods... i don't like that idea, thus i went off the Pill years ago. so good luck to you Kathy & be good to yourself :-)


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I wanted to comment on this, although I am not sure who will see it, being that the last post is 8 months old. I stopped taking the pill in late January, and I have felt extremely bloated ever since. As far as my hair, it started falling out & thinning about 3 years ago, and my scalp is extremely scaly. I read in a Parade magazine right before stopping the pill, that BCP could cause hair to fall out. I haven't noticed any improvement since taking the pill *I was on it for 3 years*, but I know it will take some time for my body to adjust to my natural state again. I wish I had never started the pill. It really is a horrible thing to mess with the body God gave you, and screw up your natural hormone level.


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Congrats Rain27253! nomicons/smile JMS

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yes, well i think it rather says something when more people notice thinning hair in women and at the same time bcp's have become so commonplace in our culture.

More stressful lives, and more chemicals in our bodies.

rain, i feel 100% better since quitting the pill 8 months ago.  I have alot of new hair growing, but i am still shedding an awful lot.  Another side effect of the pill i was on was really extreme and constant jitters and anxiety, which is alot of stress on the body too. I'm concentrating on reducing stress ( as all of my tests come back normal for everything else) I think that with low stress levels, the hormones will naturally go back into balance. I started with a new accupunturist yesterday, and he definitely did something different because i was SO relaxed at the end of the session.  He said in chinese medicine that Kidney qi deficiency and stress are the 2 most common causes of hair loss.  Since i am young, he thinks more likely it is due to stress.  So i'm having 4 more sessions, 1 per week.

getting better, just slowly.

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But BCPs are presumed to do a good job against raised androgen levels (testosterone DHEAs etc.).  If anyone knows of any safe and nonchemical alternative to lower male hormone levels in women I'd love to know.

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hmmm....funny thing about that, when i asked my dr. if the yasmin could be causing my hair loss, she said "probably not.  This particular medicine is used to TREAT female hair loss".
however, many women experience hair loss as a side effect of yasmin.
It is on the packing label, plus if you search, you will see it reported over and over.

Unfortunately, scientific studies are not always unbiased.  I work in research and have heard this from people in management  at work, that the clients (many times pharmaceutical co.'s.)
do not want to see adverse affects in drugs because they just want to be approved for marketing.

Also, if you know anything about the way the whole scientific research industry works, then you know that a finding has to be of 'significant' proportions in ordered to be considered related to the article being tested.  So, if you are that one person who reacts badly to something, as far as the researchers are concerned, it can't be proven that the substance being tested caused the bad reaction.  A significant portion of the test subjects must have the same reaction in order for it to be considered cause and effect.
NO consideration is given to the individual. In fact, they try to get research animals that have as similar DNA to each other as possible.

not to say that nothing good comes from research, but it is definitely flawed aplenty. It's done by people, not gods.

The older i get, the more i know it is just better to trust my instincts.  If some thing just sounds unwholesome or otherwise seems unwholesome, it probably is.

hengam, to answer your question, do you know for a fact you have elevated testosterone levels?

i have heard  that agnus castus can balance out female hormones. I tried it for about a month, but i think it should be done long term.  I did notice i felt a little more balanced while taking it, and some women swear by it.  but do your own research.

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Kathyb, thank you so much for your comments. I agree wholeheartedly about everything you said regarding research on medications, etc. I work for a large Dr's office, and I see firsthand how the drug companies work very closely with the Dr's, and I always hear the drug reps trying to sell their product to the doctors. They get paid by doctors offices. I think these days, it is all about making money, and not really about helping people as much as it should be. There are so many people out there on TOO many medications, which end up causing TOO many side effects. I think people should try more natural methods of healing 1st, instead of opting to just pop a pill to ease their problems. I believe natural healing methods are the way God intended it, anyway.

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Kathyb, thanks for your suggestion re agnus castus.  I don't know what it is but will definitely look into it. Thank you.

the pharmaceutical capitalism fiasco in this country is nothing new, and the points regarding the outcome of research so far as consumers are concerned (not scientific research in general of course) are all sound.  but one should keep in mind that herbal/natural/holistic remedies must be sought under the supervision of professionals with both knowledge and experience in the field.  Unregulated herbal remedies, agan so popular in this country, may underly just as much harm if not more, but we just don't know it.