Topic: brushing fragile hair

I have been reading up on the importance of brushing one's hair on this website. I totally agree with the statements made, but I have extremely thin and fragile hair that is very prone to breakage. I have only used wide toothed combs for a few years, and even though I am very careful, my hair still breaks. It is evident when the sun is behind me. There are little flyaway hairs all over the length of my hair. For reference, my hair is a few inches past my shoulders. Anthony (or anyone), what is the best way to brush my hair, and with what kind of hairbrush? Thanks in advance!

Re: brushing fragile hair

NO ONE HAIRS BREAKS UNLESS its not taken care of properly
and we work with thin and fragine hair for decades with 100% results.
scalp massaging gentle and several times per day.
as for brushing
use our boar bristle brush and brush gently with little pressure several times per day.
and one need to cut the ends of ones hair minimum once per season.
please reread our educattional literature as we are a educational and holistic system

one needs to get alot of blood and air into ones scalp, oil glands, growth patterns and hair follicles.

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