Topic: new to using Golden elixir

Is it common for the Golden elixir to make one's scalp more oily or full of debris? I've noticed odd scalp concerns like skin scaling off since I starting using it. I don't know if this is normal or if I should be concerned. On my hair itself the elixir is nice and moisturizing. Any tips?
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Re: new to using Golden elixir

hi sandra-oh my hair/scalp was quite greasy from the gold elixir...I had to apply my shampoo dry first washing it was so for the 'debris', I know oils on hair might attract more dust ...

perhaps anthony can 'shed' more light on this!

Re: new to using Golden elixir

the Golden Elixir is pure oils drop per drop
it needs to be used SPARINGLY......
and the goal here is not to wash it out it should be absorbed into ones hair follicles and scalp for conditioning and reconstruction
sounds like you are using too much?


Re: new to using Golden elixir

Hi, I finally got the hang of using it. I use less and make sure I use my boar brush to distribute it rather than my hands. It works well. It may be the best leave-in styling/conditioning oil I've ever used. I only wash my hair 1x/week 'cause I'm so busy, but apply the elixir and brush thoroughly every day. I dry my hair on rollers and use a dryer when I'm really pressed for time. The elixir keeps my hair so shiny and soft. I even think the style lasts better. Thank you, Anthony. This is a dream product for me since none of the other MM leave-in products were right for my super thick, shoulder length, curly hair. My hair is even easier to detangle after shampooing after using this w/out any additional products after MM shampoo. Thank you!