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Topic: Morrocco Method for Skin Care

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This question is directed more towards existing Morrocco Method users. Do any of you use the MM line as a form of skin care; the shampoos as a cleanse and the euro organic as a moisturizer? If you do use MM as skin care, i'd like to hear some feedback and tips on using MM for the skin. I'd also love to hear some reviews from people using the new MM Feng Shea Scrub.

Cheers to the purest products on our planet.

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Re: Morrocco Method for Skin Care

the shampoos (i've tried Fire and See) work pretty well on my face but not on the body. Euro makes my face greasy and not moisturized, but conversely could work as a body moisturizer. That's how I put my left over MM products which I no longer used on my hair into good use.

Re: Morrocco Method for Skin Care

I've tried all of the shampoos on my face....all but sea iir, leave my face a tad dry....I love the Euro Oil for a moisturizer on my face...I have about a drop left and must get some more when $$ allows....