Topic: Grey film on brush - does it ever stop?

For a few months of using MM shampoos, conditioners, and scalp massaging and brushing and lunar haircutting, there is still so much grey lint/fuzz/film on my brush, and after 2-3 days my brush is in need of being cleaned again.  I have done 1 round of zen detox in the past, but maybe more zen detoxing will take care of this?  I assume it is a symptom to have this much grey stuff on my brush, but I don't know what exactly it means.  I have seen others post of it, but have never read what causes it, or if it has stopped for anyone who experienced it at one time.

Thanks for any input.

Re: Grey film on brush - does it ever stop?

Hi rachel,
i get this on my brushes.  i previously thought it was a residue, but lately i have changed my mind.  now i think it is from having a dry scalp, and that it is actually a good thing that the boar brush it removing the dry flakes and cleaning the scalp.
nothing scientific here, just my own conclusion/theory.

i just clean them every week or so, depending on how bad it gets or how often i use the brush.  i use the Dr bronners soaps to clean them and it does a good job of it.


Re: Grey film on brush - does it ever stop?

Thanks Kathy!  I too think it is a good thing to remove the film, I just wish I didn't have it b/c it makes me feel like something is not quite right (maybe just dry scalp like you said?) I just want to correct it. 

Great tip on the Dr. Bronner's soaps!

Best to all,

Re: Grey film on brush - does it ever stop?

Dear Brush concerned
do our zen detox for dry and flaky scalp this will assist you tremendously.