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Dear anthony,
i've just started using the elemental elixers, but they are alot more oily than the silver.
so i have mainly just been applying a thin layer to my fingertips and massaging it into my scalp starting at the hairline and working back. 
I do that about 3 times. 
it does not look oily when i'm done, which is good,  but do you think i am getting a enough on my scalp to be beneficial?  just this really thin layer?


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yes just a very thin layer
this elixir is super concentrated and a few drops goes  a long way.
so use sparingly
trust it is doing its work to the scalp and the hair follicles
quality here is the main concern:

great Health

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Re: applying elixers

Kathy, did you use the gold elixir, or just go right from the silver to the elementals?

My scalp is dry/flaky but does produce oil, while my long hair is on the dry side/not oily at all.  I am trying to decide if I should start with the gold and skip the silver - just go right to the elementals.

Also, did you buy all 4 elementals to rotate?


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hi rachelmaya:)

I did not use the gold, just the silver...i was concerned about the oiliness.

yes, i am going right from the silver to the elementals.
i only have 3 of the elementals, $ keeps me from ordering the 4th.  but i'm just going to start them, one per week and rotate.  if i buy the 4th, i'll stick it on at the end, if not, i'll just use the ones i have. 
but i can't imagine that it would be detrimental to only use 3 instead of all 4.
I was sort of under the impression that one could just use 1 or 2 of the elementals. ?  so why not 3. nomicons/smile

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Thank you Kathy!  Sure, three seems great.  I am also considering the cost of buying all 4...  Hmmm..

Best to you!

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just wanted to mention ;-)-Anthony does recommend that we can use even just one of the elementals (your birth sign)....I was also thinking at one point to use just one or two but wanted my first go at it to be with all four....also, sign up for that newsletter...all four elementals at half off! and they last a looooooong time!