Topic: Always do silver elixir first?


I will be investing in the elixirs, and want to make sure that the silver is the one I should use first.  Then gold.  Then rotate the other 4.  Is this sequence true for everyone?

Thanks!  I know I have a lot of questions.

Re: Always do silver elixir first?

for dry hair and scalp start with the Diamond Gold Elixir
for oily hair start with the Silver elixir first.

then alternate the other 4


Re: Always do silver elixir first?

Thank you Anthony.  I have dry hair so I will start with the gold. 

Q1) Is the method the same as the one you gave me for the silver:

AM) 1 pump to scalp then brushed in
PM) brush then 2 pumps to scalp

Q2) Since my hair/scalp are dry, should I jump right to the 4 elemental elixirs after the gold, skipping the silver?

Q3) Since I don't wet my hair in the shower every day (only when I shampoo every 3rd or 4th day) and will now be applying the elixirs daily, should I start to cleanse my hair daily with water? 

Thank you.  I am very excited to start the elixirs.

Re: Always do silver elixir first?

Q 1  Yes

Q 2  yes

Q  3  Not necessary
just leave in and brush often.

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Re: Always do silver elixir first?

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