Topic: Need help with using the shampoos correctly


I'm a relatively new user and am absolutely in love with the MM system. Thank you!!!

However, I have a simple question to which I have not found an answer on the website (it might just be me.)

How long should I leave the shampoo in the hair before rinsing out?  Chi conditioner specifies clearly but the shampoos do not.

I'm shampoo'ing twice when I wash my hair as you suggested, and generally shampoo with a day or two in between. 

Could you please help me use the products correctly.

Thanks again!

Re: Need help with using the shampoos correctly

SHAMPOOS massage in first time rinse out -  second time massage into scalp and hair leave in 1 to 5 minutes then rinse out.
the secret is to alternate all 5 flavors one each time
see our educational literature on our website under SHAMPOO
there is a two page explanation on how to and why to shampoo

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