Topic: Question for Anthony (tangles)

Hi Anthony,

I need your help.  I am African American. I have been using your products for about 3 months.  I love them.  I have a very thin spot on the crown of my head that I have had for at least 8 years.  It originally fell out due to stress.  Since I have started the shampoo, lunar cutting and elixirs, I have very short little hairs that is growing on the crown of my head.  I am thrilled about that!  However, my hair has been tangling a lot after shampoos.  I do use the Euro Oil overnight.  I shampoo the next day and condition with the Chi conditioner, and I still have very bad tangles from the scalp down the the ends.  Therefore, hair from the scalp is filling in, but my hair is thinning due to  the breakage.  What else can I do?  Please help.


Re: Question for Anthony (tangles)

first of all cut off the split and dead ends this will help alot
sounds like one needs alot of conditioning and moisturizing
so more Euro Oil treatments
after showering put a few drops of euro oil into the palms of your hand
rub your hands together and massage the ends of your hair and over the top layers of ones hair
this will help with tangles and allow you to brush/comb out easier.