Topic: Is Shampooing Too Much Harmful?

Hi, I'm new to Morrocco Method, or any natural hair care for that matter.  My brief hair history is that I'm a 24-year-old woman whose hair is shedding.  I was recently diagnosed with PCOS, and in a panic I went on birth control pills for 2 months in an attempt to regulate my hormones.  I stopped the BCP a couple months ago.  A month ago, I began using MM exclusively for my hair products because I'd really not like to be bald at age 24, and also because I believe in organic and natural products.  My hair is continuing to shed even now, which concerns me.  I'll still keeping using MM, though, because one month isn't that long of a time see a lot of results.  Did everyone else's hair stop shedding after using MM for one month, or does everyone have varying results?

Also, I have another issue.  My hair is naturally very dry, and I think under normal circumstances I would only shampoo it once every couple of days.  However, the place where I work at 6 days a week uses vegetable oil and lard extensively, and these things saturate my hair by the time my shift is over.  Therefore, I'm forced to wash my hair after every shift (like I said, 6 days a week).  Could washing my hair too much be harmful to it?  Could that be one of the reasons my hair is still shedding?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Is Shampooing Too Much Harmful?

Dear concerned

washing daily with MM or any 100% plant based products will be safe!

but do NOT use anything else for hair care.
and your work place sounds very oily and unatural?

suggest after shampooing doing a organic apple cider vinegar rinse
and also one can use the acv rinse instead of shampooing if one disires.

suggest doing our Zen Detox weekly for three weeks
then wait one month and repeat.

you are shedding do to the extreme oils at your work place.

use MM exclusively for 90 days to give your scalp and hair follicles a chance to rebuild the growth process and help detox.

please update
Great Health and Hair

Re: Is Shampooing Too Much Harmful?

Thank you for taking the time to respond!  Yes, I will continue to use only MM for my hair.  But to clarify one point--are you saying I should put 100% pure organic apple cider vinegar on my hair after I shampoo, or is the "organic apple cider vinegar rinse" a diluted solution?  Will this help get the lard out of my hair?

Re: Is Shampooing Too Much Harmful?

yes simple get from the health food store
100% acv organic unfiltered unpasteuriaed
after shampooing  simple rinse off with acv
it will help the ph balance and the alkeline

'Great Healthy Hair