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Topic: Breakage and no shine

Hi Anthony,

I am an African American.  I have several different hair textures; however, my hair is very fine, but grows in cork screw curls.  In Dec. '07 my hair stylist applied a hair straightener called Grund.  This was a big mistake.  The last application was Feb.28 '08.  The product is suppose to be applied every 3-4 months for the first year and once a year there after.  Well, I am not continuing the entire year.  So far I have had only 2 applications.  My hair looks like some one applied a blowout kit to it.  I  don't know how long it is going to take before I began to see my natural curl pattern again.  I started your shampoo almost immediately after the 2nd Grund application in Feb.  It was then I decided this Grund was not for me (too many chemicals).  Grund is suppose to change the covalent bonds in your hair to make your natural curl pattern more manageable.  I am praying that this blowout look is not permanent and that my natural curl pattern comes back.  I have all of the 4 shampoos and 6 of the elixers.  I usually wash my hair every 2 weeks.  I use the messager and the brush, but my hair is thick when it is not straightened.  It is hard to brush from the nape of the neck to the front of my head.  What do you suggest? 

Also, I know that you suggest applying the Euro Oil while the hair is dry, but I don't feel like my hair is absorbing the oil.  It seems as though it is just sitting on top of the hair.  Is it ok to wet my hair before applying the Euro Oil?   So, I apply the oil overnight and wash it out the next day and then use the Chi conditioner after I wash my hair.  My hair is still gets tangled close to the scalp.  I tried using the Euro Oil on the tangles near the scalp and through all of my hair, so that I can brush the tangles out with the detangle brush.  After all of that, I still have breakage from all the tangles.  What else can I do to prevent breakage when combing out after washing?   

If I use the Euro Oil in my hair to detangle it while wet, is it ok to flat iron my hair once it is dry with a low emf ceramic iron (the kind that puts neg. ions in the hair)?  I ask this because I believe that I read in the literature that the Euro Oil should not be heated except by the sun or warm towel. 

I go through this whole procedure that I mentioned above and my hair still doesn't shine.  Do you think it will eventually start to shine?  I have been using your hair method since March.  Do you think the apple cider vinegar is stripping the shine from my hair?  I forgot to tell you that my hair is also very porous.

On a good note, before I started using your product I had a bald spot on the top of my head that never quite filled in after going through a very stressful and traumatic period in my life.  I had this spot for about 8 years.  Nothing has helped fill in the space on the top of my head except for your product.  I am so happy about that, but funniest thing is that I lost some hair around my hairline due to a store bought henna I used and that hair is slower coming in than the hair on the top of my head that I had been missing for 8 years.  Why do you think it is taking it so long to re-grow in that area?

Anthony, I just want to say that I do really love your products, and I wish that I had found them before I allowed my hairstylist to put the Grund product in my hair.  My hair was completely w/o chemicals before the Grund.

I also trim my hair every month according to the Lunar chart.  I have done everything except the Zen Detox.  I plan on using the ZD, but I want to give my hair a chance to detox with the shampoo before using a major hair detox.  I am afraid that a lot of hair might fall out.

Please help me with some suggestions



Re: Breakage and no shine

Dear W/O chemicals

first of all this Grund is way too strong and chemical based
and all of the hair that has this chemcial process will break and is badly damaged.
so cutting every month is a excellent thing

2nd oil and water do not mix so applying Euro Oil alone is the only solution
you may wish to try our 4 Elixir oils as they are more concentrated
if not all 4 then do one and see.

and NO flat ironing of the hair as its too fragile for this now.

also try our Blood of the dragon styling gel
you can mix
1/4 get with 3/4 water in a spray bottle shake and spray on
its great as a natural hair straightener and conditiioning at the same time.

the apple cider vinegar is not damaging your shine
its just that your hair that has been Grund is severly damaged
and the more you can cut off the better.

As a last not i would confront the hairdresser who used this Grund on you and ask for a total refund. 
its unacceptable that anyone can use such harsh products and not realize the damage.

so more oil treatments:
try the Blood of the dragon and NO hair straighteners nor ironing of any type.

alternate all of MM products and time and patience and with new hair you will be more then happy
as for the Zen Detox
its quite gentle and i would do it once per month to get some of the chemicals out of your scalp

Great Healthy Hair and Happiness

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Re: Breakage and no shine

Hi Anthony,

I just want to thank you for responding to my questions and for being so frank about your opinion of this product (Grund).  I now know that it is not just my imagination that my hair seems weaker. 

On a different note, I want to let you know how appreciated you are for totally dedicating your life to your passion of organic and holistic hair care.  Your efforts are not for nothing.  I wish there were others like you who would consider what they are putting in a product, and how damaging these chemicals are to our bodies and to the environment.  Thank you so much for caring enough about us to donate even more of your time to us (consumers) to answer our questions.   I know to others it may seem like a small thing, but to  woman her hair is everything and when it doesn't look right, or when hair is missing in spots it cant make you feel very unattractive.  I think that I can speak for the rest of your clients that we really value everything you have done to give us such a wonderful product.

I did try the gel w/water and works great!  My sparse spot that I have had for about 8 years has just about completely filled in.  There has been only one product that brought back only some of the missing hair, but that product also had a few chemicals in it so I stop using it.  However, your product trumps, because it is doing the job and it has NO CHEMICALS!!!!!!  Whooo-hooo!!!!

Thanks Anthony


Re: Breakage and no shine

Dear Antoinette

thanks for your testimonal and great results by sticking with MM and going truly Natural
its all time and patience
and yes one needs to take one step gradually and continue the process over a period of time and truly NO chemicals
your most welcome
Great Luxurious Hair and Scalp