Topic: Elixirs new bottle status ?

A few months ago, a post was made concerning new bottles for the Elemental Elixirs that would hopefully solve the leaking problem.  I was wondering if perhaps these new bottles are shipping yet when one orders the Elixirs?


Re: Elixirs new bottle status ?

to piggyback on Kal's inquiry-I do see that the products are pictured with the new packaging in the newsletter...if one wants, say, the shampoos in the new bottles, can they request it when they order?


Re: Elixirs new bottle status ?

simply put in the comments section
to use the new packaging when ordering
and thanks for your requests


Re: Elixirs new bottle status ?

thanks Anthony!...(still eagerly awaiting those new scalp massagers! ;-P)

Re: Elixirs new bottle status ?

the new scalp massagers have arrived at the port of Los Angeles
and will be ready in about 3 weeks time
will post when they are here and ready to ship
thanks for being so patient

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