Topic: Three year update

Thanks to all of you for your encouragement and sharing. It looks like it will be closer to five years for my hair to grow back, as opposed to the projected 3 1/2 years. There was a great deal of trauma, to the soul and follicles, which takes time to heal, inside and out. Greta Lallement, MFT, continues to hold her license but her negligent actions are listed with the CA BBS and remain on record. "Stylist" Brenda Rooney moved from Hilites Hair Studio to Salon Capello, both in Pacific Palisades, but I would wager that her poor practices remain the same. In the end, they paid partial damages, a victory for hair lovers and spirituals. MM has made the journey healthier and happier! Mille Grazie Antonio and MM Forum friends nomicons/smile

Re: Three year update

Congratulations and great work on our empowering your inner and outer limits for truth.

13 Million Thanks you's for all of your great courage and Goddess Energies