Topic: Shampooing and Oils

Hey all!

I have a few quires regarding shampooing and using the elixirs/oils.

Currently i am washing my hair everyday with the Morrocco products and brushing and massaging each day. I feel my hair is very dry and brittle still after both brushing and shampooing.

I am currently using the Euro oil once a week and the Gold elixir each day.

What would be the recommendation for how often to shampoo a week? the only product i am using is the dragons blood, so no product is needed to be washed out.

Also, if i should shampoo less, can i use the Euro oil and leave it in longer, as shown in another post?

I just want to get my hair to feel thicker and silkier than it does now.

I am also noticing that my hair is thinning, and when i apply the oils, i can see my scalp.



Re: Shampooing and Oils

Dear Concerned
for dry and brittle hair
use the Euro Natural Oil a few drops daily on the ends after shampooing and massage into all of ones hair
weekly use liberally and massage into hair and scalp leave in all day and overnight and if possible all weekend this is a good way to condition deeply.

one can shampoo as little as desired.  like every other day or twice a week it depends on the individual needs.

not to worry about hair fall out at this point.  ONe looses an average of 30 hairs per day and shedding more can occur more in the summer  months.

keep brushing and scalp massaging alot but gentle.

Great Health and congratulations on going truly Natural