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Any suggestions of dependable companies that provide FOOD BASED vitamins and suppliments?


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I suggest taking a look at superfood by Dr. Schulze.  Its really helped me with my fatigue.  I havent been taking it long, but according to the nutrition it provides a lot of riboflavin.  I think this helps with hair growth.

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thanks sancho89.
I've tried something similar by Dr. foster.  I still have a container left, in fact maybe i will start up taking it again...
i specifically was looking for a magnesium supplement, and i'm not sure the amount in these types of drink mix products, although i'm sure they contain some.
it's recommended that i take ~400mg per day for adrenal fatigue.  but it's so scary trying to decipher vitamin ingredients, especially when you've been told where they get the vitamins and minerals contained in the my naturopath reccomends whole food supps.

well, anyway, i been looking into high mag foods: halibut, spinach and certain nuts and seeds and things.
Also been using the MM sea salts more often and noticed a big increase in energy and stamina.  Which btw salt is recommended for adrenal fatigue, which is what i think i am dealing with...hopefully whence i rebound from this, i will see some hair improvements....

good health to you.  will keep you all posted,,,just nothing really exciting has happened latley, but when it does i will certainly post something.
cheers for now.

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Hi Kathyb,

I see you have tried Dr Foster's drink. I was taking her essential Nutrients. But I know that it's hard when you can't really read how much you are getting of what. I am now taking her Adrenal Support.

Did your doctor say you have Adrenal Fatigue from test results? If so what lab test would show it? My Dr always says my labs come back fine. But I think we know when something is not right. It seem like everything, Thryoid, Adrenal Fatigue... all have the same symptoms.

I now think I have had an inbalance for at least 10 years. Dr never had a clue. So I started Spironolactone. it took care of the acne and bad shedding, and a lot more. Now five years later, I have lowered it from 100mg a day to 75 mg a day, and everything I was experiencing back then is coming back.

I know one thing I did wrong over the years was drank too much coffee. Because now it is hard to make it through the day with out.


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> kathyb wrote:

> Any suggestions of dependable companies that provide FOOD BASED vitamins and suppliments?


- Rainbow Light

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thanks JMS, i will give them a try.  It was suggested in the book that i used magnesium citrate.  not sure why.  the only thing i could find on rainbow light was other forms of magnesium.  I don't know enough about vitamins to know what it all means...

hi becky.
My naturopath diagnosed it.  not with blood test but with several other tests. One is a blood pressure.  first taken laying down, then immediatly upon standing.  in AF there will be a drop in BP upon standing, often accompanied by light headed ness.
another is how well the pupil of the eye will hold it's constriction when a light is shinned into them.  in AF the pupil will initially constrict like normal, but then begin to widen again.
a good book to read is Adrenal Fatigue: the 21st Century Stress Syndrome.  I think if you have it, you will recognize yourself reading this book.
You will have a hard time trying to find an MD who will recognize AF as a real disorder.  they only diagnose extreme adrenal insufficiency such as cushings or addisons disease.  you are better off to find a good naturopathic dr.

also, coffee is bad.  very bad for people with adrenal fatigue.   I had a bad coffee habit  for a couple years, drinking 2 or 3 or 4 grandes per day.
my dr. just laughed when i asked him if it was bad to drink that much.  he seemed to think it funny that the only side effect i would have would be peeing alot....
but i later decided to quit because i could just tell i was not alright from it.
i think it was one of the contributers to my adrenal fatigue for sure.  one of the the many...

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hi Kathy,

i just make sure i get my 3 pieces of fruit and 3 pieces of vegetable daily, either raw or as freshly made juice, and then i take Pure Synergy Green Superfood, and then i take some aloe vera juice, otherwise i don't take any other pills. i'm not sure if what i'm doing is sufficient, yet i feel fine. i don't drink coffee and never have, maybe there's a good reason why i don't particular like the taste of coffee :-D but i do drink green and white tea (i prefer green matcha tea and the jasmine silvery pearls white tea).

i've tried emailing Maharishi Ayurveda about some of their products but have never received an answer (i tried emailing a couple of times), however i think i'm going to try their Vital Lady and their Smooth Cycle (to maybe help with my PCOS).

otherwise i do Yoga every day (really like the Kundalini Yoga and thinking of trying out Ashtanga) and that i'm totally taken by, it just makes me feel so good and stretches my body and gives me energy.

all the best,

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Also see search "vita tea seasonsandamuse"