Topic: Shampoo not rinsing out?

I have been using MM for over three months now.  I continually get a coated/waxy feeling on my hair.  When I brush grey/brown gunk flakes off everywhere (all over my brush, it even rubs off on my hand).  For a long time I thought this was detox, but one shampoo with a different orgainc shampoo and it feels as if my hair gets rinsed clean.  I have tried diluting the shampoo, rinsing very well, etc. and for some reason I can not get these shampoos to make my hair feel good. In the three to four months I have been using MM I only broke down twice and used the other shampoo.  It is very time consuming to try and dilute, then wash twice, then spend a great deal of time rinsing, then wash my brush daily (so not to put gunk back in hair).  What am I doing wrong?  Am I using too much?  Is this really still detox?  I really think it is the shampoo beacuase I placed a tiny amount on a dry surface and let it dry out (as a test).  It gets the same color and consistancy of the stuff coming off on my brush.  Any advice would be appreciated.  I think MM are purest products out there, but I need to be able to get ready without a time consuming process, and then still have thick, coated hair.


Re: Shampoo not rinsing out?

Dear Cassie

this has happened to a few other customers also
they had to go thru more detox then usual like several months but did come out the other side
not sure what causes this besides a great build up of previously used products before?
have you had any chemical processes?  what and for how long? 
everyone else comes clean in a few days to a few months but never more then 60 days unless a history.

upate would be helpful
thanks and Great Health/Hair


Re: Shampoo not rinsing out?

Thank you so much for your response.  Yes, I have had many chemical processes in the past.  When I was a kid I permed my hair twice and as a teen/adult I semi-permanent colored my hair as well as highlighting.  I know, very bad nomicons/smile, but I was not aware of the harm I was doing at the time.  I also used every heating tool out there and usually curled my hair into big ringlets with a curling iron every day.  When I went completely natural with my hair I cut it to my chin (it was past my chest).  I wanted to get rid of as much of the damage as possible.  It's not yet to my shoulders, but I would say about half of it is completely natural at this point, while the bottom half is damaged from color and extreme heat. 

For the past 9 months I have been on a very high raw diet, so perhaps this is also my body cleansing from a much deeper level.  Would that mean this gunk is coming out of my scalp?  That would be pretty gross.  Or is it coming off my hair?  What is the longest you have heard of someone going through a lengthy detox?  Like I said, I love the purity of these products, but it sure takes me forever to get ready with these detox problems.  I want to come out the other side....I hope it's not too much longer of a journey.

Re: Shampoo not rinsing out?

dear Cassie

these toxins and chemical build ups are coming from your scalp as a detox

congratulations on being on a raw diet this will truly help in every direction for certain.

as for detoxing it can take several months but generally when doing 100% plant based hair care it will truly speed up the process.  do not give up the journey as its truly worth more then everything after one is on the other side. 
time and patience here:

thanks for going truly Natural and Holistic and stay with the program it is worth the efforts 10 fold.