By All means Yes Post it I want the Universe to know about this wonderful Henna

I just want to say I love your product, I have been using it about 5 months now and my hair is so Beautiful.

My hair was damaged by chemical dyes to the point I had bald spots in my head. I went to my doctor she gave me some another chemical to use, I opt out I was afraid of using more drugs.

I wanted to use a more natural way of promoting healthy hair. So I search the net and came across your site.   I didn't have anything to lose so I order and after my first application I noticed how soft and manageable my hair was not to mention the color.

I was wearing scarfs to hide the bald spots, so I kind of forgot about it until it was time to wash my hair 8 days later, I noticed soft peach fuzz growing on the complete bald spots.
Oh My God, I was elated to tears.

Now I  get people stopping me on the street asking me about my color and the how healthy my hair is. I tell every one of the problem I had and I've referred several of my Friends and family, and hair stylist to your site.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much for this wonderful product. I am a lifetime consumer.


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