Topic: DHT

Hey all

I just wanted to get some insight into excessive DHT levels and there result in shrinking the hair follicles. I believe this is the cause of my hairloss and was wondering what effects the Morrocco Method have against this? I have not noticed my hair thicken alot, as i can see upclose some of the hairs are waffer thin, but some new hairs grow around!




Dear Concerned

thanks for your concerns and insights.
We here at MM believe that hair loss and thinning is caused by multiple reasons
starting with NOT detoxing properly - using harsh chemicals and additives - the list is endless
so I suggest reading "spokes in a Wheel" along with literature of how to use each product and brush, scalp massage and get more blood and air into ones scalp and body.
sounds like Homework and our habits need to change.   
as for DHT
where did you get this info and could you please explain more in detail where you have gotten this information like where did  you read this etc etc perhaps send over a link on what you are saying here:

Great Education