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I started taking a hair, skin and nail supplement about three months ago. This supplement has great reviews and is the number 1 reordered product of the company. The product now has a wait list!

I am now experiencing bad hair shedding.


Since you have experience with regrowth clients. I am wondering your thoughts. Is increased shedding a good sign or a bad sign?

This is the product:

Greatly appreciated!!

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Hi beckyb70,

"generous levels of sulfur from methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)"

This doesn't sound good. Also, I've searched numerous sites and cannot find a single list of ingredients. Are they food-based or synthetic? Doesn't say. The ProCaps Laboratories link isn't working. The word "Laboratories" makes me nervous. As an M.H., I've never required a laboratory to create a truly natural multi-vitamin.

Here's the history and profile of ProCaps owner:

This also seems telling:

Looks to me like an allopathic chemical company in holistic clothing...

That's my 2

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hi JMS! just curious as to your questioning the 'generous levels of sulfur'...I've always read that MSM is great for hair, skin and nails....

be well-
aka superbonbon ;-P

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You can look up the product searching Andrew Lessman Healthy hair skin and nails. One his site the ingredients are on the tab under the product. Before I buy anything I read the reviews. This product is their number 1 reordered product. And is currently on a wait list.

Mainly what I was asking is, is it a common to shed more hair before regrowth? I have heard of this before and think I may have had a shed increase back when I started mm.

p.s Your links didn't work either. Maybe we cannot post them here.

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Hi blkmagik112!

Sulfur is a powerful yang. Biotin is another. "Generous levels" can cause an excess of acid/imbalance. MSM is often derived from animal by-product. Unless specified vegetarian, it probably isn't.

"Everything is a poison, nothing is a poison. The dose makes the poison."  - Paracelsus

Hi beckyb70!

I searched all over the Internet for a list of ingredients and could not find it. The Pro Caps site is active now, so I'm looking there. The vitamin ingredients are, as I suspected, chemically synthesized. Also, gelatin is used, which is a boiled animal by-product, i.e., from bones, skins and tendons. I have noted mixed reviews from non-Pro Caps and Andrew Lessman sites such as HSN. But regardless of my views, or anyone else's, it's your opinion that counts most for your own health!

Best Wishes for Wholeness/Health and Healthy Hair,

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hi JMS!!!

interesting because I took MSM a few years ago and I don't know it it was a coincidence or not but, wow, did I have major stomach trouble after that...I think the one I was taking was vegetarian...I usualy check into those things before purchasing ;-)....

eating foods that contain sulfur to a certain degree is acceptable, oui?

side note-David Wolfe is a major proponent of MSM and says it's one of the most 'beautifying' supplements out there....not everything works for everyone obviously!!....

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Dear Concerned

MM was selling our products to David Wolfe
but he has a shampoo with MSM and its full of CHEMICALS AND SLS
I personally have spoked to David several times to stop selling this chemcial shampoo with MSM telling him that it was NOT fair to advertise this as a natural shampoo when he knew that it contained SLS AND MULTI LEVELS OF CHEMICALS
David took it off his site
then put it back on his site
and then
MM  STOPPED SELLING MM products to David Wolfe for this very reason.

So now we have no relationship to David Wolfe nor his company for this very reason.

what else can we say?

MSM with  CHEMICALS AND SLS is not a good fit for his or any natural site.


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Update on the Healthy Hair, Skin & nails by Andew Lessman.

As you can see, I posted a while back asking if shedding could be a good sign for hair growth to come. I have stuck with using this product for about four months now. I am happy I did. Because I now see lot's of new hair where mine is the worst, on the top of my scalp. These are really dark, thick shinny hairs.

I will continue to update. But I felt this product had to be worth it since it's Andrew's #1 reordered product.

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that really sparks my interest becky.
my hair's been thinning for a while.  I'd like to learn more about the ingredients though first.  but definitely keep us updated.

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I wanted to up date my progress with this supplement. I took it for four months. My hair is now shedding VERY bad. My hair feels dead and lifeless. I have lost over half of it in a few very short time. I have wrote at least three reviews for others to read on Andrew Lessman's product site. NONE of my reviews were ever posted. Now I know why 99% the reviews were so great. I believe we should all be able to read others experiences. I have called Andrew Lessmans business again. I dought it will ever get posted.

Would NOT reccomend Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nails by Andrew Lessman!