Topic: New Growth question

Hey Anthony

I Have been following your program religiously and have a question regarding my new growth.

As expected, it is Fall and i see the signs of new growth as a kind of peach fuzz by my temples and near crown. How can i care for this baby growth to make it really flourish come springtime?

It is so exciting to see it nomicons/smile It's like the payoff is beginning!!! I want to ensure that i have the best possible chance going! I massage and brush the new growth lightly at the moment to keep it going!

Any thoughts will help!


Re: New Growth question

first of all congratulations on going truly Natural/Wild Crafted Organic
brushing and scalp massaging daily gentle but often
using euro oil or one of our elixir series to nourish the new follicles and reconstruct ones scalp and growth patterns
keep ones hair med to short
but after the Spring Equinox keep the top and crown very short.
alternate shampoos, alternate the conditioners and do our MM Zen Detox once per month for the winter
Wishing you Health/Hair/Happiness